Check Out the Amazing New "Man Series" Flavors From One Hit Wonder

The "Man Series" Is Back At Vapor4Life

One Hit Wonder e-juice is back at Vapor4Life. Their “Man” series of unique flavors have a couple new additions that join the popular Magic Man and Island Man flavors. The tasty Key Lime inspired Army Man, the classic strawberry lemonade flavored Fire Man and the sweet muffin goodness of Mini Muffin Man are worthy additions to this American manufactured e-juice. With this strong of a lineup of popular flavors, it is clear that they are a “one hit wonder” in name only. This formidable juice-maker has been around since 2015, when it made a name for itself with the super sweet Muffin Man E-Juice. Since then, One Hit Wonder has churned out a series of delicious hits, from the ice cream-infused The Man to the tropical getaway in a bottle that they call Island Man.

What Makes One Hit Wonder E-Juice Unique?

Available in 3 nic strengths, these juices are all 80 percent VG which gives them the cool flavor that you crave. These juices are unique for nic salt e-juices in that they work best in sub-ohm tanks. This is because One Hit Wonder took the unique approach of using low-strength nic salts that provide smoothness without an overwhelming nicotine punch. Anyone who vapes will love One Hit Wonder and they are among the most popular e-juices that we carry. One Hit Wonder E-Juice makes its home in sunny Los Angeles, California. The company prides itself in using local ingredients. Everything that goes into a bottle of One Hit Wonder E-liquid is sourced from the good ol’ U.S. of A. Right down to the nicotine, TruNic, which is not only grown, but also extracted right here in the states. One Hit Wonder is famous for producing complex and balanced flavor profiles you can vape all day. Browse our full selection of One Hit Wonder E-Juice to find the one that’s right for you.

A Complete Guide to the One Hit Wonder "Man Series" E-Juices

Army Man: Army Man e Juice by One Hit Wonder e-Liquids is a spot-on Key Lime pie vape juice flavor that provides a tart key lime flavor with a touch of sweet pie crust and a dollop of smooth cream. The best part is that it probably has as much Key Lime in it as your favorite version of the pie does, since most people bake this pie using standard Persian limes. Fire Man: After putting out the fires in your own life, sit back and drink in the sweet and sour goodness of this strawberry lemonade e-juice. Maybe even think about the valor of the firefighters while enjoying the smoothness of this refreshing flavor. It may seem like a stretch, but in a way you are giving back to the brave firemen and firewomen of the world when you vape: Cigarettes are the leading cause of fires in the US. Mini Muffin Man: Muffin Man was One Hit Wonders first smash hit and Mini Muffin is a worthy follow-up. Is the sequel better than the original? Mini Muffin Man makes a strong case with its sweet strawberry muffin flavor. The dash of cinnamon may even remind you of the original. Island Man: Island Man E-Juice’s top notes of pure watermelon and kiwi would be more than enough to make for a smashing flavor profile, but One Hit Wonder doesn’t stop there. They perfect this fresh and sweet e-liquid by adding in strains of citrus and strawberry, along with a heaping handful of plump cherries. These intense fruit flavors blend perfectly to create a fruit punch e-juice that’s pretty hard to put down. Magic Man: This flavor mimics the juiciest watermelon gummy bear you’ve ever had. The rumors that this potent watermelon flavored e-juice was named after the Heart song from the 1970s or the Green Packer’s quarterback Don “Majik Man” Majkowski, who lost his starting spot to Brett Favre in 1992, seem a bit dubious. It seems much more likely that this mouth-watering ejuice got its name from the masterful, dare we say magical, work of One Hit Wonder’s e-liquid artisans. Muffin Man: This was the “one hit” that jumpstarted a wonderful line of e-juices. Freshly baked apple and cinnamon are the driving forces behind Muffin Man E-Liquid, making every puff taste like a bite of an apple-cinnamon muffin plucked right from the oven. The muffin flavor carries through with subtle hints of toasty butter and sugar to top off the whole deliciously decadent flavor experience. My Man: My Man E-Juice by One Hit Wonder takes on the momentous task of replicating the beloved chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla mashup that is known as Neapolitan ice cream. Rich ribbons of chocolate and strawberry take center stage in this delicious dessert flavor, followed up by a smooth, yet light-handed touch off pure vanilla bean ice cream. My Man E-Liquid appeals to the indecisive dessert lover in us all by combining the top ice cream flavors ever to exist. The Man: This is a smooth mixture of ripe strawberry and creamy milk flavors that will keep you coming back for more. The richness of the milk perfectly offsets the straight up sweetness of a delightful strawberry. This combination makes a perfect e-juice for vaping all day. Rocket Man: This e-Juice is a blueberry parfait flavor that is the ideal mix between creamy and fruity that makes it imminently enjoyable to vape all day long. It’s going to be a long, long time before a more perfectly balanced blueberry flavor is ready to compete with Sir Rocket Man.