Chicago Vaping Regulations This past October, Mayor Rahm Emanuel passed a ridiculous law to tax nicotine in e-cigs, as well as e juice, tacking on an additional 55 cents per milliliter.  This means he’s also taxing the FDA-approved ingredients, such as propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, which make up most of the ingredients in a single bottle of e juice. In fact, a 30 ml bottle of e juice--which contains less than 1 ml of nicotine, it to be prepaid to the city at $16.50 in taxes per bottle, plus an additional 80 cents per item, even if the product contains no nicotine.       This absurd abusive taxation stems from big tobacco paying its lobbyists to spread disinformation and money to stifle vaping. They’re threatened because millions of people have started to smoke smarter with e-cigs, which could overthrow the whole tobacco industry.  Lobbyists are throwing cash to politicians all across the country, to motivate them to tax e-cig smokers who want access to less costly ways to smoke.   At the current average price of about $15 per bottle of e juice, and $17.35 in taxes, people will not be buying e juice in Chicago come January 1st. Shame on you, Mr. Mayor. Shame, shame, shame. You have even steamrolled many of your own aldermen, who are smoking smarter with e-cigs. E-cigs will now be subject to more taxes than tobacco cigarettes with these silly Chicago vaping taxes. Are you kidding me?  We are passionate about providing an effective alternative to the cigarette industry, which has thrived for decades by lying to, manipulating and killing the public by the millions. Yes, we believe in choices, but you seem to believe in one thing: money. Money from lobbyists controlled by big tobacco.     Please, Mr. Mayor, educate yourself about our industry and realize you are actually harming smokers who are trying to find an effective alternative for themselves when you increase Chicago vaping taxes so manipulatively. You have already passed laws to restrict vaping indoors, forcing vapers to be outside with smokers, inhaling stinky secondhand smoke. Where’s the logic in this type of legislation? In other parts of the world, politicians are recognizing the benefits of e cigarettes. Listen to those around you: your constituents and your subordinates who have made the conscientious choice to smoker smarter and live longer.These products are a miracle, and we will not sit idly by and see our smarter lifestyle choices limited by money and power, and greed. Taxing the e liquids is INSANE. If you must tax, tax only the nicotine, not the FDA-approved ingredients. Don’t let greed stop millions of adults from changing their lives with e-cigarettes. Vaping is the future. Vaping ensures our future. We won’t let you take that from us.