ecig-blog-china-ban There are approximately 2.5 million e-cig users in the United States alone, and a couple million more in Europe. In Western countries e cigs for sale is a popular sight, yet in countries such as China where smoking traditional cigarettes is prevalent and rampant, vaping is virtually nonexistent by comparison. The first e cigs for sale went on the market in 2003 in Beijing, and since then they have expanded to include a wide variety of tobacco potency and liquid e cig flavors. On average, users used three different types of e liquid flavors on a regular basis, while traditional cigarette smokers do not switch flavors as often. But what makes China's population stick to traditional smoking? For starters, buying a pack of smokes is considerably cheaper than in the U.S. -- at $0.40, or 2.5 yuan per pack, no wonder there are still 280 million smokers in the country. In the U.S., purchasing an e cig starter kit is only mildly expensive, and prices for vapor cartridges range depending on preference. In the Chinese market, buying a starter kit can be upwards of 200 yuan. However, China's government is about to change everything. According to the Economist, The government is stepping up its efforts to try and convince the public that smoking traditional cigarettes is a health risk. On June 1st, they placed a ban on smoking in public in Beijing and are currently waiting to see the results of this experiment. If the public takes the change in stride, the ban will be applied nationwide. Some citizens are already gearing up for the change and have begun looking for e cigs for sale. An estimated 3 to 4 million Chinese are searching for the best e cigs around that offer both a flavorful experience as well as the nicotine they crave. The biggest incentive to purchase a liquid e cig, however, is the various flavors offered. Three-quarters of adult e cig smokers prefer flavors other than tobacco, such as fruit (31%), bakery or dessert (19%), and savory/spice (5%). These preferences for flavor could be a factor in why many people quit smoking altogether after they start using e cigarettes. As long as the trend of using e liquid continues to spread throughout the country, it will be easier for the Chinese government to impose bans on traditional smoking, thus potentially lowering health costs. However, the health effects of vaping have yet to be determined.