Chubby Salts Review

Chubby Salts

Chubby Salts are made by Mod Fuel and inspired by the best ejuices from the Chubby Bubble Vapes line of regular eliquids. Mod Fuel was founded in Michigan in 2015.

Much like the original line of Chubby Bubble Vapes, Chubby Salts focus on authentic and bright fruit flavors. They are smooth nic salts and ideal for mouth to lung (MTL) vaping.

Chubby Salts are not meant for use in a high-wattage device, such as a mod, or with subohm coils. What they meant for is to be enjoyed and savored in a refillable vape pod kit. Vapor4Life carries a wide selection of vape pod kits because there are a wide-range of vaping preferences and no such thing as a one size fits all device.

This is the same reason that we carry so many nic salt eliquid brands. There may be quite a bit of overlap in flavor profiles but this is a good thing. It means that if your favorite eliquid is out of stock, you can probably find a very similar flavor profile from a rival manufacturer.

Unlike many rivals, Chubby Salts come in three nic strengths: 2.4, 3.6 and 5.0 percent. As is the norm in the industry, they are sold in 30ml bottles and have a VG/PG ratio of 50/50.

Chubby Salts Flavors

Chubby Salts flavors are generally inspired by the greatest hits of the Chubby Bubble Lineup. If you, like so many vapers, switched from regular nicotine eliquids to nic salts and enjoyed Chubby Bubble, these are flavors you are bound to love. In general, they are designed to appeal to almost any adult vaper who prefers fruit flavored eliquids. As demonstrated in Dr. Farsalino’s study of adult vaping habits, this preference for fruit flavors is close to universal in adult vapers although a sizeable majority prefer tobacco eliquids.

Here is the Chubby Salt Lineup.

Melon Chubby Salts

Why does melon make such a good nic salt flavor? It is just about lamest addition to a fruit cup imaginable yet almost always impresses when made the focal point of a nic salt eliquid. Same with watermelon, a fine fruit but not the most inspirational flavor in the world. But boy do they ever work well in nic salts. This is possibly it is due to the fact melon nic salts are not overly sweet but still crank out a big blasts of fruit in every puff. Melon also has a cooling note, which makes for a great all day vape without the addition of menthol ice. Bubble Melon by Chubby Bubble Vapes is the regular nicotine alternative to this flavor.

Melon Chubby Salts is mild but there is a ripe flavor backing up the subtlety. Ideal for a fruit nic salt and an instant classic.

Razz Chubby Salts

There are a ton of adult vapers who love Blue Razz Disposable Vapes and other Blue Razz Nic Salts . They can add Razz Chubby Salts to their list of eliquids they must try. It has a precision sweetness that is cut with little bit of blue raspberry bite. It is one of the best blue razz nic salts. Blue became associated with raspberry in part because candy makers color code flavors and there were already a plethora of red flavors: cherry, strawberry, apple and even red hot cinnamon. Chubby Salts did not affix the “blue moniker” to the name of this ejuice but the inspiration remains the same. Fans of Bubble Razz by Chubby Bubble have found their perfect nic salt.

Strawberry Chubby Salts

Strawberry Chubby Salts appears to be a simple ejuice on paper but strawberry flavor provides more than enough inspiration for a tremendous nic salt flavor. Chubby Salts Strawberry has no added tropical fruit complications or iced edges. It is what it says it is: delightful and balanced strawberry.

Purp Chubby Salts

As discussed above, blue is a color associated with raspberry for convenience but is a bit counterintuitive. We should all know instinctively what purple symbolizes in candy or any flavored offering: grape. There may be a wide range of grapes, but Purp Chubby Salts takes it cues from the Concord variety.  It has a flavor almost akin to grape bubble gum but it lasts and lasts. The actual grape flavor is so recognizable and nuanced that your taste buds do not tire of it. Purp Chubby Salts can be enjoyed all day and is never cloying. Bubble Purp by Chubby Bubble Vapes is the regular eliquid counterpart of this fine nic salt.

Tropic Chubby Salts

While adult vapers flock to sweet eliquids, an overly saccharine nic salt is not ideal for mouth to lung vaping. Tropic Chubby Salts avoids this trap and is exactly the style of juicy fruit nic salt that former smokers have widely embraced.  Mango, citrus and a cornucopia of tropical fruits operate in perfect harmony. There is no need for menthol ice here. Rich mango and tart citrus flavors balances out the sugary edges.