This is a guest post written by Clover, a college student and vapaholic from the Midwest.
Photo courtesy of Flickr user Creativity103. Licensed through Creative Commons:"
Happy New Year, fellow vapers! It's a new year - a year of change! Do you have any new year's resolutions? Maybe to start vaping? Well, if that's one, then you're in luck! Vapor4Life has it all and will help get you started. Even if you have been vaping for a while, many new and exciting products came out in 2011 and we've been promised even more in 2012. In September, V4L released a new e-liquid line, called  €˜Nobacco Juice USA' that has a flavor for everyone. Other new products that came out include the supreme  €˜Manual Diamond Batteries,' and some alternative kits called  €˜VGO €˜,  €˜Aurora €˜, and  €˜EGO-T.' They have something for everyone! So Many Options! What Do I Choose? Now that you know there are plenty of options, what should you get? Personally, I prefer manual batteries to autos, even though I like the ease of the auto. Well to be honest, I love both, each for its own reasons. The autos, especially the newest Diamonds, are the best for analog replication. Pop a drip tip on a carto with one and I can dangle it from my mouth to free-up my hands for typing, painting, cooking, and cleaning. I love them for their great draw and battery life. Automatic Batteries Why would you choose a manual if autos are so great? Well I'll tell you, buckaroo! If you haven't found out from personal experience, then you should be aware that autos lack a seal, so juice can seep down to the bottom of the battery, which will fry it. (That is, if you fill cartos yourself. There are no issues for the pre-filled cartos.) If you look at the connection of an auto you can see that the hole continues all the way down. I haven't killed an auto with juice in a while because I am very cautious to make sure there is no juice leaking before screwing it on the battery. Manual Batteries Manuals do not have that problem. If you look at the connection on a manual you can see where it ends. That is the main reason I love manuals. The second reason I love them is the control of the draw. Pressing the button a few seconds before I take a drag, greatly improves throat hit and vapor production for me. Sometimes a good manual can pack a punch, and for me that is important. That is why nine out of 10 times I use my USB passthrough over my batteries. I love its higher voltage and extra "oomph" it provides. VGO I recently tried the VGO, one of V4L €˜s new alternative kits. I haven't been using it long enough to give it a very specific review, and considering I have used V4L products exclusively for 15 months now, I can't compare it to similar products. The main difference I've noticed is that the VGO gives a more muted flavor than the V4L Diamond batts. Vapor production is great and battery life is amazing. I haven't had any problems with the equipment or charging. Although the flavor reduction isn't terrible, I have yet to use the VGO batt with tanks or anything other than CoolCarts. Plenty of others have reviewed the new alternative kits in-depth. If you are really curious, you can read them either on the ECF sub forum or the V4L forum. I wish you a very happy new year and hope this year will bring you much prosperity and happiness. Vape on!