This is a guest post written by Clover, a college student and vapaholic from the Midwest. My parents never approved of my smoking. Not many parents would, I guess, but it really didn't sit well with mine. When I started vaping I didn't even tell them. I was afraid they had only heard the bad press. Whenever I would visit them I would chain vape the forty-five minute drive to their house and only vape in their bathroom. I wanted them to notice that I didn't smell anymore without having to tell them why. It wasn't until seven months into my vaping journey that I finally came out about my secret. The Talk I was sitting in my parents' living room playing  with my phone and mindlessly dragging on my Vapor King, since by this time I had grown very accustomed to my new habit. Through many experiences in large class lectures and other public settings, I realized that most people do not notice when I vape. So while I was sitting on my parents' couch vaping on my Vapor King my mother asked, "What's that?" I hesitantly replied that it was my e-cig  and without skipping a beat she just looked at it and said, "Oh, cool. I've seen those at kiosks in the mall." My jaw basically dropped. I thought "really? My mom knows about these things and thinks they're cool?" I quickly explained to her that the kiosk e-cigs  are probably lower quality and way overpriced compared to my Vapor4Life equipment. I showed her my Vapor King and the basics of how it worked. It was really no big deal to her. She was just glad I wasn't so smelly. I'm sure my dad knows about my vaping too but we don't talk about deep stuff like that. My dad and I usually spend time together by going to action movies. I have always stealth vaped in the theater with him next to me and he has never said anything so I assume he either didn't notice or didn't care.
Photo courtesy of Flickr user Camila Belmar. Licensed through Creative Commons:"
The Aftermath I love my parents. We don't always communicate our deepest thoughts to each other, but I know they care and support me. I was so happy that they weren't freaked out about my new habit. I now vape openly around them. I no longer have to feel like a kid hiding something bad from my parents. I feel like a grown up! Well, almost. I refuse to ever fully grow up! Until next time! Find me on the ECF V4L sub  forum.