Cook County's E-Liquid Tax   The following is a message from Vapor4Life founder, Steve Smilin Milin about Cook County’s e-liquid tax, which goes into effect May 1, 2016.   Big tobacco does it again, folks. They bought Rahm “Don” Emanuel for Chicago and taxed vape shops $17.35 to be paid upfront for every 30 ml bottle of e juice with nicotine on the shelf. They expect us to charge our customers $17.35 in addition to the price of a bottle. I wouldn’t do that to you, so I closed my Chicago location. That’s just what they want. “Let’s put e cigs out of business.” Big tobacco also paid for an anti-vaping campaign in Chicago. Wow, what idiots. Big tobacco kills 6 million people a year. That’s a Holocaust every year. They sell death. They are merchants of death, and yet they own the government, their employees, institutions, media, and stick the bill onto the working class.   Congratulations, Cook County. Big tobacco just bought you too. As of May 1, 2016, Cook County requires anyone who sells nicotine-based e liquids to charge 20 cents per milliliter, or $3 to $6 a bottle, depending on what size you buy. This is ludicrous. A study just came out from the Royal College of Physicians in the UK stating that cigarette stating that cigarettes are deadly and that it would be a crime to do anything to harm ecigs because they are harm reduction.     All of us smokers know that, but the USA says (because of the bought and paid for media), that e cigs can be more harmful than cigarettes. Still, it’s amazing that no one has ever compared an e cigarette to a cigarette. And these scare tactics are working. Smoking in the USA is on the rise again. Aha! Who wins, who loses? Politicians will take money from merchants of death. That should be outlawed. But, hey, we’re adults. We vape. We don’t smoke anymore. Why the hell should we have to pay taxes, when we feel better, we smell better, and we offend fewer people? We don’t smoke; we don’t stink. There are no more ashes and still so many more benefits than these merchants of death try to sell us.     So, now, when my customers come into my vape shop in Cook County, they have to pay $6 tax on a $14 bottle of e juice. That’s just not right. That’s just not fair. In Chicago there will be a $23.35 tax for one bottle of juice that probably has less than 1 ml of nicotine in it. You see, they’re taxing water, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and flavorings instead of just the nicotine. It’s a conspiracy, my friends. But it’s not a conspiracy just by big tobacco. Their money buys everyone in power who can make decisions for us American adults, even though we are supposed to have the choice to make our lives better.   It’s time to get mad. It’s time to make America great again. Just look who’s winning the Presidential election. Did you ever think you’d see Donald Trump as the leader of the free world? The country says, “We need change.” We’re sick and tired of this and we ain’t gonna take it anymore. Fuhgeddaboutit! What’s going on in the good ol’ USA?  Are we gonna let big business take over our lives? They’re doing it every day because they own the government, and the government dictates the laws, the taxes, and what you can and cannot do. Our government seems to protect everyone in the world but its own citizens.It’s time to stand together, be proud Americans, and fight for our rights. God bless you.