Cool New SVRF Iced EJuices

Saveur Vape

Saveur Vape and their SVRF line of ejuice flavors is one of the most influential players in the vaping industry. Refined and complex, SVRF Ejuices have been a big hugely popular since they hit the market several years ago.

With eclectic flavors, inscrutable names and a surfing theme, SVRF were among the first vape juice companies to feature tropical flavors such as lychee and dragon fruit. The complex fruit ejuices that SVRF Ejuice has mastered are the types of flavors that adults prefer. Tobacco simply cannot compete with the brightness and complexity.

SVRF Ejuice

Saveur boasts three primary lines of ejuices: SVRF, Met4 Vapor and Jazzy Boba Ejuice. Jazzy Boba was acquired about a year ago, check out our review of the Jazzy Boba ejuice line here.

Today the focus is on the SVRF line and their cool new line of iced flavors. SVRF Ejuice took their incredibly strong lineup of flavors and gracefully incorporated a cool menthol ice.

This is great news for high-VG vapers who are looking for iced ejuices. It seems there is a new iced fruit or disposable vape launched every week. But there has not been a similar flood of lower nicotine, iced fruit options. SVRF has filled this need brilliantly.

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SVRF Iced Eliquids are sold in 60ml bottles. The available nic strengths are 0, 3mg/ml and 6mg/ml. Select SVRF flavors are also available as a nic salt ejuice. SVRF Nic Salts come in 30ml bottles and have a nicotine strength of either 2.4 or 4.8 percent (24mg/ml and 48mg/ml). The available flavors are SVRF Salts Refreshing Nic Salt, the incredible SVRF Salts Balanced Nic Salt and SVRF Salts Satisfying Nic Salt.

Flavored vape pods are banned but nic salts are available in the flavors adult vapers prefer. Click here

SVRF Iced EJuices

Balanced Iced SVRF

When describing this silken blend of vanilla, coconut and ice, it is hard to come up with a more apt name than balanced. No single flavor element ever overwhelms when you vape SVRF Balanced Iced. The vanilla delivers sweetness and creaminess, and the coconut dollops on a bit more creaminess and lot more authentic tropical flavor. The iced elements lock these complimentary flavors in place and glaze over the exhale.

The coolness keeps this an all-day vape that never becomes too heavy or too sweet. SVRF Balanced Ejuice was Saveur Vapes best seller for years. The addition of icy cool menthol invigorates and revives this already vibrant ejuice. But that name is taken already.

Revive Iced SVRF

Iced fruit vape fans who are looking for a lower nicotine alternative to disposables and nic salts will love SVRF Revive Iced. Revive is a vibrant blend of sweet blueberry and zesty lime. With sweet and tart candy vibe, the addition of cold menthol elevates the complex fruit elements. Not a true Lush Ice but deserving of consideration by anyone who is a fan.

Stimulating Iced SVRF

Lychee Ice, possibly vapings hottest flavor this side of Lush Ice, is usually found in nic salt disposables. But vapers who chooser regular and lower nicotine option now have access to the magic of lychee as well.

Lychee is hard to describe but almost impossible not to enjoy. Rich, vibrant, tropical, it has an almost wine like level of fruit depth.

SVRF Stimulating Iced is a game changer. The precisely moderated menthol finish never overwhelms with mint or menthol. The mixed berry is notes are familiar, fantastic and fully integrated into a cohesive ejuice.

Satisfying Iced SVRF

SVRF Satisfying Iced E-Liquid is true to its name. The iced tea component is unique and adds depth to a sweet tropical dragon fruit base. Raspberry lifts the combination with tartness.  

This popular and complex flavor profile was just asking for iced treatment and a cool menthol finish. Never minty, just could, the flavors if anything shine brighter in SVRF Satisfying Iced. Satisfying Iced SVRF is a 70 percent VG blend, making it ideal for mod users and anyone who values flavor above all else.

Sold in 60ml bottles, Satisfying Ice comes in zero, three and six milligram strength. Ideal for mod user, creamy clouds and bold flavors make this a satisfying vape.

Refreshing Iced SVRF

A truly refreshing ejuice, SVRF Refreshing Iced combines mango, papaya and cantaloupe with a cool menthol finish.  The tropical fruits inspiration provides a bounty of delicious flavor notes. Each inhale has creamy, tart and sweet elements. They work together in perfect harmony and the icy fusion works wonders on an already impressive ejuice.