As a vaper, I've been approached by many people who come from both sides of the "e-cig spectrum." You know, the "naysayers" who think this is a fad or on the opposite end, people who praise me for making the switch. Some people just genuinely want to know what e-cigs are really all about. Well, I'm here to tell you MY version of what I say to anyone who asks me about my vape. 1. Do e-cigarettes contain toxic chemicals? Yeah, they DID over 5 years ago when the FDA tested some brands (which they never named by the way), and they found diethylene glycol in a few. But I only vape the best stuff from Vapor4Life, and we only have propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, food flavoring, and nicotine. I find it funny that the FDA approves each one of the ingredients for consumption separately, but can't give e-cigarettes a big "OK." 2. Can e-cigarettes be used in places where smoking is banned? Hell yeah! That's the beauty of e-cigarettes. You've heard it a million times: "No smoke, no tar, no ash" and it's TRUE! I love being able to go to the bar with the guys and pull out my vape. I just laugh to myself when I see smokers all huddled up outside in the rain while I'm enjoying an IPA and my vape. 3. Can people quit smoking with e-cigarettes? E-cigarettes aren't a cessation device, BUT I haven't touched a cancer stick in over a year. Does that tell you something? I can preach this all I want but if you doubt me (which you shouldn't), just head over to the V4L Forum  and read what other vapers would say to this! 4. Well what about the flavors? Why do I see cherry and strawberry as options? Because, why not? I LOVE that you can wake up with waffle, go to lunch  with coffee, and end your day with a light watermelon vape. Vaping gave me control of my life back, so why not have control of what flavors I want to vape? We have flavors because we have freedom. The naysayers will be out there, but I know what vaping has done for me. Tell me readers, what do you say to people who question e-cigarettes?