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  • MOVIES – We love movies and from highly anticipated movies such Avengers 2, Star Wars The Force Awakens, Spectre, Tomorrowland and the final Hunger Games just to name a few 2015 seems like a great year to be a movie fan.
  • ROAD TRIPS– Guess prices are as cheap as they have been in forever. Let’s get on the road and drive our cars. No matter where you are in the country, there is something amazing to go and see.
  • INNOVATION – 2015 promises to see innovations in research and technology as NASA peers deeper into space, Apple and other tech companies offer amazing new wearable tech, the government offers new rules to incentivize new products, and wonder drugs from pharmaceutical companies move closer to reality.
  • BETTER HEALTH –  2014 saw an uptick in the purchase of healthier foods and most industry experts expect the trend to increase over 2015. Combined with new focuses on exercise and a continued decrease in the amount of people who have stopped smoking, 2015 looks like the year to get healthy.
  • THE CUBS WIN THE WORLD SERIES –Maybe we are going out on a limb here, but according to Back To The Future 2, this is year that the Cubs finally break through and win the World Series. The movie already got predictions right about tablets, cell phones and our obsession with 3D movies so they must be right about this one as well.