Cuttwood Nic Salts Review

Cuttwood Ejuice is an interesting case study in branding. Their logo and website have an Old West vibe but their actual ejuice flavors are whimsical and sweet. The factory itself is a model of professionalism, as their ejuices are manufactured in an ISO 7 Certified cleanroom housed within a facility that is in conformance with ISO 9001:2015 manufacturer operating standards. Both the flavors and the facility are the antithesis of desperados and the dusty streets.

Hand-crafted in California, Cuttwood cut their teeth on high-VG ejuices. These cloud chucking formulas were smooth, bright and ideal for box mod and subohm vaping. But the trend in vaping has been towards smaller devices and higher nicotine strengths. Specifically, adult vapers have gravitated towards nic salt ejuices and refillable vape pod kits.

Nic salts are able to pack a bigger nicotine punch because they have a lower pH than regular nicotine. This gives nic salts a smooth finish allows them to remain palatable even when the nic strength is cranked up above 3 percent. The potency of nic salts allow compact disposable vapes to deliver satisfying performance and clean flavors without a harsh throat kick.

But disposable vapes are far from the most cost effective or efficient way to vape nic salts. Switching to a Vapor Zeus can equal big savings. If you vape 30ml of ejuice per month, an adult vaper can save over $100 per month compared to using a disposable.

Ideal for refillable vape pod kits and devices like the Vapor Titan Clearomizer. Today’s devices are quite easy to fill, so it really comes down to finding bottled nic salts you love and vaping those in place of a familiar disposable. Or waiting for one of the big-time ejuice makers to release nic salts that are so delicious that they have universal appeal. Enter Cuttwood Salts.

Cuttwood Nic Salts

One of the most successful and popular purveyors of high-VG ejuices, adult vapers have long clamored for Cuttwood to throw their hat in the salt nic ring. With legendary flavors like Bird Brains, Unicorn Milk and Sugar Drizzle, Cuttwood clearly had mastered the bright and buoyant flavor profiles that the majority of adult vapers prefer, as was demonstrated in Dr. Farsalino’s study of 69,000 adult vaper that found adult ex-smokers who vaped preferred fruit, beverage, mint and dessert vapes by a wide margin over tobacco flavors.

Cuttwood Salts currently come in only 3.5 percent nic strength, perhaps a response to the expensive PMTA process. So with no further ado, lets take a look at the Cuttwood Salt lineup.

Bird Brains Cuttwood Nic Salt

The original Bird Brains Ejuice was a smash hit. As a nic salt it delivers a complex cereal flavor that no disposable can hope to match. The type of fruity breakfast cereal flavor that was once limited to high-VG ejuice users is now something that you too can enjoy. There is a creamy, milky finish infused with tart and sweet notes of fruit. The finish is unbelievably smooth. Sold in 30ml with a nic strength of 3.5 percent, this 1980s retro ejuice flavor is custom designed for adult vapers weened on Reagan-era sugar coated cereals.

Unicorn Milk Cuttwood Nic Salt

Only ignorance of vaping trends explains why anti-vaping politicians are fixated on the original Unicorn Milk by Cuttwood. In its original form, this high VG ejuice was designed specifically for use in a box mod.

A lower nicotine formulation, it was an ejuice designed for adult hobbyist vapers who eschewed popular prefilled vape pod kits like Juul. Yet there was Unicorn Milk, a constant prop of the teen vaping epidemic. Flavor bans were built using this as an example of a “kid-friendly flavor”, even after the CDC determined why kids vape and ascertained that flavor was far from the primary reason. And in any event, a lower nicotine box-mod fuel like the original Unicorn Milk was not even a rounding error for Juul Mint gas station sales.

The countless adult vapers who have transitioned from loud, thirsty and lower nicotine box mods to nic salts can enjoy Unicorn Milk Salt by Cuttwood. What is Unicorn Milk? Certainly not the catalyst of the teen vaping epidemic. It is a delectable blend of cream and strawberry. Disposables generally are available in menthol ice flavors because they have not mastered the fine art of dessert vapes. This is a dessert vape par excellence. Sold in 30ml bottles, there is a ton of flavor and satisfaction packed in each 30ml of this 3.5 percent nic salt. And the smooth finish of salt nic works brilliantly with the creamy notes and brilliant bright strawberry.

Sugar Drizzle Cuttwood Nic Salt

As has been noted above, disposable vapes do many flavors well. Mint and fruit blends and straight fruit flavored vapes really pop in the polyfill chambers of these nic salt devices. But complex desserts and breakfast flavors are not a strong suit, which is why they are grossly underrepresented. Switch to the more affordable option of a refillable device, such as the Vapor Titan Clearomizer or Smok Novo 2, and suddenly a wider world of flavor opens up for adult nic salt vapers.

The original Cuttwood Sugar Drizzle worked great as box mod fuel and now nic salt lovers can enjoy the same profile. The finish is a bit smoother and the lower-VG level means less cloud and intrinsic sweetness. But the amazing elements of sugary frosting, cinnamon and cream are all out in force. Sold in a 30ml bottle, the 3.5 percent strength guarantees plenty of satisfaction for former adult prefilled vape pod users and smokers looking to make the switch to vaping.

Mega Melons Cuttwood Nic Salt

Melons and mangos are quintessential nic salt flavors. They have the brightness and easily recognizable fruit notes that adult vapers love but they have a tropical edge that keeps them from straying into candy territory and are never cloying. Mega Melons is an all-day vape in every sense of the word and is may be the best Juul Mango Alternative. As a combination of mango, melon and cantaloupe, Mega Melon is pitted head to head with such industry heavyweights as Twst Salt Honey Dew Melon Chew and the approximately 14,800 mango and melon disposable nic salt vapes on the market.

The big advantage that Mega Melons has over its disposable rivals, the Twst Honey Dew Melon Chew having the same advantage and the flavors being delicious yet dissimilar enough where your preference will be entirely subjective, is that you can save a boat load of cash switching to a refillable device and decrease your carbon footprint in the process.

Why disposable vapers don’t just buy an autodraw Smok Novo 2, top it off with Mega Melons and forget all about disposables is a good question. It could just be a matter of convenience. Or an interest in switching flavors every couple of days rather than vaping straight through 30ml, but if you want to stick with just one mango melon nic salt vape Mega Melons by Cuttwood is a shrewd choice.

Cuttwood Tobacco Trail

The original Cuttwood Tobacco Trail was unique. In the pre-nic salt era, tobacco ejuices were designed for restrictive devices, had fairly high nicotine content and a strong throat hit. Often, high-PG formulas, like Wow and Premium ejuices, were chosen because they provided greater flavor clarity, less sweetness and an authentic throat hit.

Tobacco Trail was formulated for box mods and broke this mold. A sweet tobacco, it has a rich flavor and tastes great as a billowing vapor cloud. How does this sweet tobacco translate into a nic salt? Pretty darn well. And this is very good news for the millions of adult vapers who are being denied their preferred flavors, as well as smokers who would consider switching to vaping but no longer have access to the flavors that the free-market demonstrated were far more popular than standard tobacco fare. This is an example of how strict e-cig laws punish marginalized groups.

Cuttwood Tobacco Trail Salt lacks the throat kick and high VG levels of the regular ejuice. With 3.5 percent nic strength, it is also approximately ten-fold more potent than the popular 0.3 percent strength that is the best-selling variety of the classic Cuttwood. This means even a small device with much wattage can deliver a satisfying experience. It is good to know that even in the flavor ban era, Big Tobacco is not the only source of combustible cigarette alternative. The flue cured goodness of Cuttwood Tobacco Trail Salt can easily compete with the best tobacco flavors that Vuse or Juul offer.