An electronic cigarette is composed of a battery and a cartomizer. The most common type of ecigarette battery that you will see people using in public is the 'stick' battery. These batteries are skinny and of all the kinds of electronic cigarettes, look most similar to an analog (especially white ones) - when compared to 'mods'. Each stick battery has one end that is threaded and screws onto a cartomizer. The other end has one of three options: ash cap, stealth, or diamond. What's the difference between ash cap, diamond and stealth? Ash cap Vapor King ash cap  batteries all have ash cap tips. There is an LED inside the battery. A round plastic cap clasps onto the end of the battery to provide a barrier between the inside of the battery and the outside. When in use, the LED lights up and the result is a tip that looks like ash on the end of a smoking analog cigarette. Vapor King and Vapor Titan batteries are available in automatic and manual styles, so when a user inhales from an automatic battery, the light appears. The light appears when a user presses the button on a manual battery. Vapor4Life's battery LEDs are available in purple, white, pink, red, green, blue, or yellow. Fashion is not the only function of the LED. It also alerts the user when the battery is running low on power. When the LED begins blinking rapidly, it is time to charge the battery. Diamond Vapor King and Vapor Titan batteries are available in two different series - the "diamond series", and the "stealth series". The diamond series batteries have an end tip that looks like a diamond because it is multifaceted and sparkly. Like the ash cap tips, diamond tips also have a LED behind them on the inside of the battery. Diamond series battery LEDs come in purple, white, pink, red, green, blue, or yellow. Stealth Vapor4Life's Vapor King and Vapor Titan batteries are also available in the stealth series. Stealth batteries do not have a LED. The end is completely sealed and looks just like the rest of the battery, whatever color or pattern it is. This type of battery is ideal for vapers who do not want their ecig standing out or drawing attention. Places where people might want to use them include movie theaters, grocery stores, while driving, or anywhere in public. Shy people and those who don't want to be asked about their personal vaporizer tend to prefer stealth batteries over diamond or ash cap. Which battery do you use the most and why?