Isn't an ecig battery just an ecig battery? Well, no not at all. There are tons of different types, styles, sizes, and designs. While they all do the same thing - create  the power needed to turn e-liquid into vapor - there are many different kinds. Today we are focusing on one aspect of electronic cigarettes - the switch that makes the battery work. There are two types - automatic (often called "auto") and manual. They each have their own advantages, and deciding which to use in a personal decision. It's a good idea to try both types out to see which you prefer. Some people use one kind while at work, and the other when at home. Both kinds look similar, except that manual batteries have a small button on them. Automatic Batteries An automatic battery works like a traditional cigarette; just attach a cartomizer and puff. Automatic batteries contain a pressure-sensitive switch activated by inhalation. If you're just getting started with ecigs, autos work well because they are most similar to smoking a traditional cigarette. Sometimes a couple primer puffs are needed to warm up the cart before the battery starts working. Auto batts are unsealed and have smaller airholes, making the draw a little tighter. Since they are unsealed, it is strongly advised that people use pre-filled carts on automatic batteries. If juice leaks into the battery it will be ruined. Manual Batteries A manual battery is activated by pressing a small button on the side. Manual batteries quickly warm up the cartomizer, so they produce vapor right away without primer puffs. Manual batteries give you a little more control when you're vaping. They have larger airholes which produce a lighter draw.  Manual batteries are completely sealed, and are safe to use with blank carts and tanks that you refill yourself with e-liquid. Do you tend to use manual or automatic batteries more? Why?