Dinner Lady Nic Salts Review

Dinner Lady ELiquids

Launched in 2016 with just two employees, UK based Dinner Lady has grown into a vape industry heavy weight. Their initial flavor, Lemon Tart, remains one of the most popular eliquids in the world and their master formulators have fleshed out the lineup with a selection of delightful fruit and dessert inspired eliquids.

As most adult vapers prefer sweeter ejuice flavors, this has proven to be a winning formula. The original Lemon Tart Dinner Lady Eliquid was a product of the UK market’s nicotine strength restrictions and the popularity at the time of cloud-chucking box mods. It is a 70 percent VG eliquid. Regular (freebase nicotine) Dinner Lady eliquids come 3mg/ml and 6mg/ml nic strengths and there is also a nicotine free version.

But in the US market, nic salts have emerged as a major player. Nicotine salts are lower in pH than the freebase nicotine used in “regular” ejuices. This means you can add far more nic salts into a formula and it will still remain tolerable. In fact, more than just tolerable. Nic salts have a smoother throat hit than regular nicotine and also cross the blood brain barrier more quickly. This makes nic salts ideal for mouth to lung vaping. Dinner Lady Salts, like its many rivals, are optimized for use in a refillable vape pod kit.

Keep in mind that nic salts should not be vaped in a high-wattage, subohm tank system. They are designed for lower power ecigs.


Dinner Lady CBD Vape Pens

Dinner Lady Nic Salts, reviewed below, are just one example of how Dinner Lady has proven capable of adapting to an ever changing market. In 2019, Dinner Lady launched a line of revolutionary CBD disposable vapes. Combining CBD with the classic vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol base used in virtually all nicotine vapes, Dinner Lady was able to combine the flavor and reliability of disposable vapes with the popular hemp based CBD. Click here to view our complete review of Dinner Lady disposable CBD vape pens.


Dinner Lady Salts

Dinner Lady Nic Salts are sold in 30ml bottles. They are available in 3 percent (30mg/ml) and 5 percent (50mg/ml) nic strength. If you are looking for a lower nicotine option, the line of regular Dinner Lady Eliquids is a better choice. Dinner Lady Nic Salts are designed for use in lower powered devices and are not suitable for high-wattage, subohm vaping. They use a 50/50 blend of PG/VG. This is typical for most nic salt blends and provides a nic balance between vapor production and crystal clear flavor. This is crucial because the bar has been set very high with Dinner Lady’s widely loved lineup of regular eliquids. Now it is time to see if Dinner Lady Nic Salts have the flavor chops to stand shoulder to shoulder with their critically acclaimed regular nicotine stablemates.


Lemon Tart Salt by Dinner Lady

The flavor profile that put Dinner Lady on the map, Lemon Tart works just as well as a nic salt as it does as a high-VG regular eliquid. Current pod vapers who once enjoyed the lower-nic version of this flavor will be ecstatic at how closely it hews to the original while providing a truly satisfying nic salt experience.

Lemon Tart by Dinner Lady is inspired by a traditional English lemon curd dessert. Mary Berry (note to self- that is a great name for a UK market berry pastry eliquid), Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith would be impressed at the authenticity of the flavor. The zesty lemon flavor is obviously the foundation but the MVP is an extraordinary buttery pastry exhale.

Lemon Tart by Dinner Lady is not some barely passable simulacrum of a dessert. It really has the balance and snap of an actual Lemon Tart dessert. And it works exceptionally well as a nic salt, thanks to the smooth throat hit and the sharpness of flavors unhindered by the sweetening influence of a higher-VG ratio.


Blackberry Crumble by Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady does an excellent job with their more fruit-centric eliquids but they really shine when it comes to dessert vapes. There are few nic salt manufacturers who can hope to compete with the excellence and balance they bring to the table when formulating pastry inspired nic salts. Blackberry Crumble is a perfect example. A complex flavor, it compliments Lemon Tart as it oozes with fresh fruit flavor rather than rich and tart lemon custard.

The remarkably delicious and realistic pastry crust flavor is as crispy and buttery as ever. The end result is an intricate and outstanding nic salt that is quite simply one of the most delicious on the market today. The buttery creaminess provides a delectable inhale and the lack of a throat hit works perfectly with Blackberry Crumbles complex flavor profile. If you are a nic salt vaper who has never tried a true dessert vape or a vaper who used to enjoy dessert vapes but have transitioned to the fruit and candied flavors that are found in most nic salts, it is well worth giving Blackberry Crumble Salt by Dinner Lady a try.


Lemon Sherbets Salt by Dinner Lady

 Dinner Lady does a great job with lemon eliquids. Lemon Sherbets melds a tart and bold lemon zest with the sweetness of cool sherbet. The result is a supremely balanced vape that can be enjoyed all day. The citrus notes are bright and lighten the sweet inhale. If you are a fan of Lemon Tart Salt and are looking for a companion flavor, Lemon Sherbets is a great choice.


Strawberry Macaroon Salt by Dinner Lady


Another iconic dessert turned into a gorgeous nic salt flavor, Strawberry Macaroon Salt by Dinner Lady delivers an intense hit of tart and sweet flavor, offset by a mouthfeel and exhale that is eerily reminiscent of a crunchy cookie. The sweetness of the cookie is infused with complexity, with light coconut and almond notes. The highlight is the tart strawberry, which compares favorably the flagship Lemon Tart Salt in terms of flavor and depth. Altogether a satisfying and balanced eliquid flavor with the creamy smoothness that nic salt vapers are looking for.


Berry Blast Salt by Dinner Lady

A more straight forward fruit vape than the other flavors in the Dinner Lady Salt lineup, Berry Blast is delectable combination of strawberry and raspberry. Adult vapers looking for a fruit rather than a dessert experience will definitely enjoy this flavor. The strawberry is quite realistic, and does not taste too much like artificial fruit. The raspberry provides great tartness, balance and an extra dash of distinct flavor. A finely constructed and cohesive nic salt flavor.


Purple Rain Salt by Dinner Lady

Purple Rain Salt by Dinner Lady boasts a three-headed monster of fruit flavors. The base is the classic mixed berry blend of raspberry and blueberry. Both flavors have the unique tones that make raspberry and blueberry flavor readily identifiable and delicious. The pièce de résistance is a light lemon that sharpens the edges and makes for a balanced nic salt that can be vaped all day and doesn’t tire out the taste buds.


Watermelon Slices Salt by Dinner Lady

Watermelon Slices by Dinner Lady is more than just a juicy fruit flavor. It has the deep flavors of a hard watermelon confectionary treat. This makes Watermelon Slices a great nic salt options for fans of Lush Ice Nic Salts. While it may not have the minty finish, the sweetness is well-integrated and never overpowering. An inspired and refreshing eliquid flavor, it works perfectly with the smooth nic salt inhale.


Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max

If you are looking for the most convenient way to vape Dinner Lady Salts, consider the Dinner Lady Vape Max. One of the longest lasting disposable vapes, the Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max holds 6.5ml of eliquid and has 1000mAh battery. With a selection of Dinner Lady classic flavors and a few flavors optimized for disposable vapes, it delivers satisfaction, flavor and vapor performance. It is the easiest way to enjoy the legendary Dinner Lady flavors. No charging is required or filling. No pods to swap or coils to prime. Just open the package, remove the silicone stoppers and puff away. A top notch delivery system for some of the best nic salt flavors on the market.