Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max Review

Disposable Vapes

Adult vapers have shown a distinct preference for easy to use devices that deliver amazing flavor and are satisfying to use. But they are also looking for a device with some longevity. While classic stick disposables and prefilled vape pods like Juul may deliver user satisfaction, they do not have the legs to compete with a refillable vape pods and are no longer available in the sweet flavors that adult vapers prefer. 

But what if there was a device that was incredibly easy to use, had a high ejuice capacity and was available in award winning ejuice flavors. The wait is over because a device that fits the bill exactly is now available. The Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max holds 6.5ml of eliquid, which is over nine times more volume than a Juul pod, and is available with an assortment of award winning Dinner Lady Eliquid flavors.

One of the best features of the Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max is the availability of multiple nic strengths. Lemon Tart, Strawberry Mac, Banana Ice, Bubble Gum Ice and Citrus Ice are all available in 3 and 5 percent nic strength. If 50mg/ml nic strength is more than you want, the 30mg/ml strength Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max is a great option. 


Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max

Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max

The Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max deserved its place at the front of the class in our comparison of longer lasting disposable vapes. It is a compact, cylindrical disposable ecig. Like its rivals, it relies on easy-to-use autodraw technology. All you need to do is open the packaging, remove the silicone stoppers and inhale.

The Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max is powered by 1000mAh battery. This is a large enough battery to make sure that every drip of ejuice is extracted before the battery gives up the ghost. The Vape Pen Max design looks pretty similar to the Sea XXL, Puff XLX, Posh Plus XL, Hyppe Bar Max and several other long lasting disposables. Naturally, the Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max weighs a bit more than a classic stick style disposable, which generally are powered by 250mAh batteries and hold 1.4ml of nic salts, but it is still easily toted. And if the slightly greater size concerns you, keep in mind the Vape Pen Max is essentially four regular disposable vapes in terms of eliquid volume and battery life. This makes it pretty solid price performer for a disposable vape as well. 

The draw isn't as tight as a classic Puff Bar but is comparable to the other high-volume disposable ecigs. The flavor is spot-on. The one time use polyfill really does justice to the brilliant Dinner Lady Nic Salt flavors. The wicking is reminscent of a classic eGo style polyfill vape. This time tested design adapts well to the mouth to lung, nic salt vaping style that most disposable vape users prefer. 


Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max Flavors

The Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max comes in two nic strengths: 3 and 5 percent. But the most important selling point is flavor. UK based Dinner Lady made a splash with their amazing Lemon Tart Eliquid. As vaping preferences have changed, they have wheeled out an incredible lineup of nic salts as well. Their disposable lineup is just as stacked with seven amazing flavors. You will find familiar faces in the form of their legendary dessert ejuices but also a few disposable vape standards like Banana Ice. With no further ado, let us take a look at the Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max flavors.


Lemon Tart Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max

This is the flavor that put Dinner Lady on the map. It is so named because it tastes like a lemon tartlet dessert and not because the lemon flavor is unusually tart. Quite the contrary, it is a smooth lemon custard flavor and has an additional topper of cream to further balance the citrus notes. The crumbling and buttery crust is perfectly executed. It is easy to see why this flavor has won so many awards. The Lemon Tart Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max is available in two nic strengths: 3 and 5% nic strength. 


Strawberry Macaroon Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max

After Lemon Tart, Strawberry Macaroon might be Dinner Lady’s most famous flavor. As well as it worked as a high-VG eliquid, it retains the same level of flavor depth as a nic salt. The strawberry cream filling flavor is scrumptious. The crunchy flavor, which Dinner Lady has mastered, is infused with almonds and coconut. It really tastes like a strawberry macaroon cookie and the Vape Pen Max disposable is a perfect conduit for this smooth and flavorful dessert vape. The wonderful Strawberry Mac flavor can be enjoyed in 30mg/ml and 50mg/ml nic strength. 



Lemon Sherbets Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max

Lemon Tart Dinner Lady may be the flagship but they have a couple lemon nic salt heavyweights in their arsenal. Lemon Sherbets has the mouthfeel and flavor of lemon sherbet. Smooth and refreshing. The lack of buttery crust is covered by the pleasant citrus notes and an almost gelato flavor. This is a beautiful flavor that fans of citrus vapes and nic salts are sure to adore. Lemon Sherbets is currently only available in 5 percent nic strength. 



Bubble Gum Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max

Bubble gum has a great and classic flavor, but it tends to lose its edge after getting chewed over. The Bubble Gum Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max suffers no such fate. The flavor remains sharp and precise through all 6.5ml of eliquid. The memorable strawberry and banana notes are present. There is a light cooling effect that cuts through the brightness and makes for a perfect all-day vape. Bubble Gum Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max comes in both 3 and 5 percent nic strength. 



Banana Ice Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max

While Dinner Lady is a master of dessert flavors, the Vape Pen Max is a disposable ecig. This means a lot of customers are looking for a fruit-menthol blend. Banana Ice fits the bill. A creamy and fresh banana flavor is fused with a blast of chilly menthol. Adult vapers have looked forward to Dinner Lady’s take on this popular style of vape. There is a reason why banana ice is one of the hottest flavors in nic salt vaping and Banana Ice Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max is one of the best banana disposable ecigs. Banana Ice is also available as a lower nicotine disposable vape, with nic strength options of 3 and 5 percent. 



Citrus Ice Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max

This is what fans of disposable ecigs have been waiting for, Dinner Lady’s master formulators blending their brilliant citrus nic salts with menthol. The Citrus Ice Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max does not disappoint. The sweet orange, tart lemon and bold lime mesh well with a balanced menthol mint. A great all-day flavor. Citrus Ice is available in both 30mg/ml and 50m/ml nic strength. 



Mango Ice Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max

The Mango Ice Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max is one of the best mango disposable vapes. Full stop. A rich mango flavor, it has some confectionary notes but also the balance of fresh fruit flavor. The use of menthol ice is well-executed and not overbearing. It adds a palate clearing blast on exhale and makes for a great all day vape. Currently, 50mg/ml is the only available nic strength for the Mango Ice Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max. 



Strawberry Ice Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max


The final member of the fruit-ice flavors offered in the Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max, Strawberry Ice delivers exactly the flavors and boldness that adult vapers have gravitated to towards since disposable ecigs hit the market. A fresh picked strawberry flavor merged with a hard-confectionary treat, a blast of menthol ice and bright sugary inhale. The Dinner Lady take on this popular nic salt flavor is spot on. Well worth trying if you like fruit vapes, menthol vapes or Lush Ice style flavors. A great disposable flavor, Dinner Lady has yet to add a 3 percent nic strength option to their Strawberry Ice Vape Pen Max. 


Dinner Lady Nic Salts

Last week we provided a complete review of the Dinner Lady Nic Salts. Sold in 30ml bottles, these are a more cost effective alternative to disposable vapes. Not to be vaped in a subohm tank, these flavors really pop in a nice refillable vape pod kit. If you are looking for lower nicotine options, the regular Dinner Lady eliquids are your best bet but if nic salts are what you want, you should certainly consider purchasing your Dinner Lady Nic Salts in a 30ml bottle rather than a 6.5ml disposable vape.