This is a guest post written by Keyzygirl from Key West, Florida. Laid back and vaping in paradise. Silly? Yes, but true!
Pretty In Pink Do you match your V4L ecig gear to the outfit you're wearing? I try to. If I'm wearing a pink t-shirt and my pink Red Sox cap, you can bet I'm rocking a pink V4L battery with a pink drip tip and carrying my extras in a pink case. The pink batteries are my favorite so I have a few different pink tops and t-shirts to wear with them. Always Greener on the Other Side When the weather starts to get cooler I have a favorite granny apple green hoodie that I wear all the time, and I have the light green V4L XL batteries that match it perfectly. I also have an XL camo green battery that looks awesome with a pair of khakis for a casual day out - perfect for both style and function. LBD  = LBE  (Little Black Dress = Little Black E-Cig) When its time to get a little dressier  I usually go for the black V4L gear. Black regular VK batteries with a black drip tip and a pretty black V4L case. It really looks classy. I also toss my charging case in so the regular size batteries will get me through the evening. The black set up seems to go with all of my fancy dresses and outfits. I usually wear black pumps or sandals and a matching black handbag. I like to keep it simple, but elegant and my black V4L gear completes the look perfectly. A Rainbow of Colors If I could, I would get batteries and cases in all the colors available from Vapor4Life. I would match my outfit to a different color battery and carrying case every day. Over time I'm sure I will build up a bigger collection. The hard part is deciding what color to get next. There are so many choices. Whatever color battery I decide to go for I will have to buy a new hoodie or pretty top to match with it. I'm thinking maybe purple will be next or maybe blue or red or who knows? Vape on! Please join Keyzygirl on ECF and Facebook.