City of Chicago seal"
Tomorrow (Tuesday, Nov. 26) Chicago's City Council is going to introduce an ordinance that would expand the city's regulation of tobacco products to include ecigs. It would prohibit their use in smoke-free areas. Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Alderman Will Burns and Alderman Edward Burke are backing the legislation. If the ordinance passes, Chicago would become the first major city to regulate electronic cigarettes as tobacco products. Vapers, we need YOUR help to try to stop this ban! We went through this same ordeal in Evanston last month. Even though several vapers spoke to the Council expressing their personal views on why ecigs should not be banned, in the end, Evanston ended up banning them. Let's not let this happen in Chicago! Here's what you can do to help: 1) Call and/or email your Aldermen and give them reasons why ecigs should not be banned in Chicago. Click here for their info. 2) Come to the Chicago City Council meeting tomorrow to show your support. Wear any ecig/vaping apparel you have.