Vapor4Life recently came out with a ton of new drip tips, in all different colors and styles. There are photos of all the drip tips on the website. Each different style shows the various colors next to each other. This works great if you have decided on a style, and then want to choose a color, but if you happen to want a particular color, and don't mind too much about the size and shape, then you can look here. Photos One of our customers asked on our Facebook Page if someone could post pictures of all the drip tips next to each other, to show the difference between the styles. I figured if she wanted to know, then others are probably wondering about it too. For some time now, Vapor4Life has carried the colored aluminum drip tips and variety pack, as well as the black Delrin drip tips. The aluminum ones fit the WOW cartos, but not the CoolCarts. The Delrin drip tip fits both types of cartos. We recently began offering such styles as Kalabash, Metallic, Ming Vase, Ribbon, Silicone, and Swirl. Vapor4Life drip tips range in price from $4.95 to $3.95. All of the new styles fit both types of cartos. In each picture of the different styles, you will notice a cartomizer on the very left. It is there to show scale. White, Clear, Chrome, and Silver             From left, White Blank Carto, White Silicone, Clear (comes with all tanks), Clear (sold separately), White Ribbon, Chrome Metallic, Silver Aluminum. Yellow From left, Yellow Blank Carto, Green Aluminum, Gold Aluminum, Yellow Ming Vase, Yellow Kalabash, Yellow and White Swirl, Yellow and Black Swirl. Red and Pink From left, Red Blank Carto, Red Silicone, Pink Chrome, Red and White Swirl, Red Ming Vase, Red Kalabash, Red Ribbon. Green From left, Green Blank Carto, Green (comes with all tanks), Green Ming Vase, Green Kalabash. Blue From left, Blue Blank Carto, Light Blue Blank Carto, Blue Metallic, Blue Silicone, Blue and White Swirl, Blue Kalabash, Blue Ming Vase, Dark Blue Ribbon, Blue Ribbon. Purple             From left, Purple Blank Carto, Purple Aluminum, Purple Kalabash, Purple Ming Vase, Purple Ribbon, Lavender Ribbon. Black From left, Black Blank Carto, Black Delrin, Black Kalabash, Black Ming Vase, Black and Red Swirl, White Ming Vase, White Kalabash. Two Purposes Drip tips serve both function and fun. People use them mainly because they want to keep their lips cool. When cartos heat up, they can sometimes get pretty hot, especially when using WOW cartos - either pre-filled, or blank with e-liquid you use to fill them. This accessory is also another way to dress up your e-cig. Just like some people match their battery to their carto, many people also make sure their drip tip matches too. With all the new fun designs, adding a drip tip is a great, inexpensive way to accessorize your e-cig. Which are your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below!