The  E-Cigar King By Gabriel Unlike many (most?) of you I was not a cigarette smoker who made the fortunate decision to try vaping. I was an occasional cigar smoker, who didn’t indulge their habit as often as they would have liked because of the difficulty in finding a place or time to light up in a house with two young kids. I had probably not had a cigar in almost a year when I discovered the e Cigar King. This product was exactly what I needed as a consumer. It delivered on the flavor and vapor production (thanks to the modified Zeus battery) that I needed, and quite simply I could take one (or ten) puffs and then just put it in my pocket. No need to worry about it drying out. Not need to deal with re-lighting it when outside. The E Cigar King would be there when I needed it. I know that Vapor4Life’s mission is to get people to quit smoking. And I am 100% behind that mission. But one thing that I think gets forgotten occasionally is that to some degree we all smoked because we enjoyed it. We as vapers have a tendency to get caught up in the anti-vaping media crisis of the moment, and that is not an unreasonable way to react. But I do hope that we don’t forget to actually enjoy the gift that is vaping. The E-Cigar King reminded me of what I loved about cigars, but offered me a smarter way to do it. I’m going to be posting a lot on this site and other V4L spots around the web, and I hope this note and my other writing give you an idea of where I am coming from. Talk soon. gabe