Vapor4Life carries several KR808D-1 "stick" (skinny) batteries. There are the Classic VK batteries, with ash cap ends. The next batteries released were the Original Vapor King batteries. These come in both Diamond Series (with a bejeweled, multi-faceted LED tip) and Stealth Series (no LED on the tip). The most recent Vapor4Life-branded batteries are the Vapor Titan, also available in Diamond and Stealth. Each of these three groups of batteries all come in both automatic and manual (with button) types and are also made in regular-length, short and extra long. When comparing two different e-cigarette batteries, they may both be regular-length, but have different actual lengths. When receiving your vape mail, you might think you received the wrong length battery, when in fact you got the one you ordered. This blog post shows the differences between battery sizes to help you decide which you may prefer and verify that you received the correct shipment. The photo above shows all three sizes (regular/short/XL) and styles (automatic/manual) for all three kinds of batteries that Vapor4Life carries. As you can see, the Vapor Titan autos (far right) are shorter than Vapor Titan manuals (second set from far right). The difference is not very noticeable with a quick glance, but on close inspection, you can see there is a difference. The following are the lengths in inches for each Vapor4Life-branded battery in the product line. Which length do you prefer?