fight_of_the_century Our founder, Steve Smilin Milin sounds off about the way vapor cigarettes are portrayed in the media, and how they are a smarter alternative to tobacco cigarettes.      I’m Sick and I’m tired, and I ain’t gonna take it anymore.   I spent 40 years killing myself with cigarettes. Cigarettes are legal. WTF? I found a miracle solution so that I can still keep smoking, only with much less harm to my body.   Now, let’s get real. In all these spun media stories and “scientific” studies, what are we comparing e-cigarettes to? Anything but what they’re meant to be compared to: cigarettes. Again WTF? Let’s use some common sense, folks. Let’s compare a cigarette to an electronic cigarette:   Now, you need to light a cigarette. Then, you need to smoke it. How do you smoke it? You inhale it. What are you inhaling? If you’re smoking Marlboros, Newports, Kools, or any other big tobacco cigarette, did you look at the label on the package? These will probably kill you. It turns out they’re dangerous. WTF? There are thousands and thousands of poisonous chemicals, including some non-poisonous FDA-approved ones like propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and flavorings.   What’s in an e-cig? Propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and, flavorings. You can get it with or without nicotine. There’s no tar, no extra killer ingredients. Are they harmful? Compared to what? Compared to cigarettes? 95-99% less harmful So how is everyone getting tricked into killing themselves and thinking the nicotine in e-cigarettes is the danger? Big tobacco owns politicians. Politicians love money. Money buys influence. Influence controls the media. The media bends people’s minds with facts that have no meaning, except that the end result may be to make e-cigs (and not tobacco cigs) illegal. WTF? Cigarettes have been proven to hurt every single person who smokes. Why are they legal? WTF? They make money by killing you. Each year, more than 6 million people die worldwide from smoking. During World War 2, the Holocaust killed 6 million Jews. Thus, big tobacco makes trillions by causing a Holocaust each and every year. And in our country-- supposedly run by intelligent politicians--they have guaranteed by order of law that cigarettes will be protected due to a deal made by Edward Kennedy to have tobacco regulated by the FDA under the Tobacco Control Act. Big tobacco loved this. Why? it gave them a way to block out competition because big tobacco companies don’t need advertising. They’ve got the big bucks to afford testing for any new product. WTF?   Since cigarettes are legal and likely always will be, I have spent years of my life, and millions of my dollars to create products exclusively made for smokers. Are they harmful? Yeah, anything you inhale is harmful. But, they are 95-99% less harmful than cigarettes, and we are supposed to have choices. I choose to smoke in a less harmful way and have continued to do so for the last 8 years. In that time, big tobacco has killed 42 million people. In the 40 years i smoked, big tobacco killed 240 million people or about half of the current population of the United States of America. WTF? Why do we have no common sense? Everybody knows that tobacco kills. Everybody knows that tobacco is legal. Over 50% of the world would love to see tobacco gone. And they’d be right, but it ain’t gonna happen. I believe in freedom. I believe the USA is the best country in the world, but there’s no common sense anymore. I believe in choices. I choose and promise right now that i will close my business if tobacco is outlawed and taken off the market. How many people like to smell smoke, have ashes, cigarette butts, burned clothing, burned skin, yellow teeth, yellow fingers, bad breath, secondhand smoke, and stinky clothes? But hey, cigarettes are legal. Tobacco companies have put a chemical cocktail of death in each and every pack of cigarettes to addict you. But politicians are trying to make e-cigs illegal. Wtf? Again, they are so good at doing a sidestep to blame nicotine, which is no more harmful than caffeine. They will lie, cheat, steal, pay off the government to kill you. Where’s your common sense, America? I believe e-cigs are harm reduction. Why? Because they are so much less harmful than cigarettes. WTF?  Why are we being duped again by politicians, big tobacco, and the media who are fed lies of disinformation? Lies paid for by smokers who wanna quit but are scared away from less harmful options. Now we have the best way so far to allow smokers to keep smoking in a much less harmful way. No foul smell, no ashes, no thousands of chemicals, no yellow teeth, no burned clothes, no stinky houses, no yellow walls, no secondhand smoke, no thousands of dollars a month spent on killing yourself. WTF? Big tobacco and big government are now treating adults like children and creating laws and lies to eliminate vaping because most people are fooled into believing that it’s worse than smoking cigarettes. What ya think, folks? Are we all idiots? I know I’m not. And I know what’s going on, and I’m gonna tell the world. My mission is to keep the world informed on smoking rights. More to come! Vape-on, Steve Smilin Milin