We've been pretty busy lately doing some events at our Lounge in Northbrook, Illinois, as well as in our community. Last week Vapor4Life sponsored and participated in a farmers market and held a cookout and open house. This past Sunday we had a booth set up at a local festival. Highwood's Evening Gourmet Farmers Market Every Wednesday this summer through  September 12,  Highwood is hosting their fourth annual farmers market from 4 to 9pm.  Beginning September 5, it will be open from 4 to 8pm.  Vapor4Life set up a booth along with  30 other vendors this past Wednesday. It was a very cool event. You could buy anything from artisan breads, cheeses, and pastas, to tie-dye t-shirts, and hand-made pots. There was live music, free back massages and plenty of things to keep you busy. The most noticeable thing for me, was that a lot of the people who walked by our booth seemed very skeptical at first. Some people seemed disinterested, while others looked curious, but nervous to come over and chat. There were a few people who were convinced by friends or spouses to stop and learn about our products. A pair of guys walked by and one of them stopped when we asked if they were smokers. One of them was a smoker, the other wasn't. The guy that smoked wasn't interested at all in the e-cigarettes, yet his friend (the non-smoker) was very intrigued. After talking with them for a few minutes, the non-smoker said to his friend "why don't you just try it? It has to be better for you than real cigarettes." His friend wasn't convinced and they left. About an hour later, the non-smoker came back and got set up with a starter kit and his preferred cart flavor and strength. Sometimes people just need a little push to get them headed in the right direction! Cookout and Open House On Friday,  we hosted our very first barbecue. It was a great day.  The weather was gorgeous and the food catered by a local restaurant, Josh's was excellent! They cooked hot dogs, chicken, and burgers. It was fun setting up the tables and getting all the products laid out on display. We had a table of raffle prizes and a tasting table so people could try our 150+ flavors. A lot of people who had never been to the Lounge before came. We really enjoyed teaching everyone about how e-cigarettes work and helping get them set up with the right supplies to make the switch from traditional cigarettes to ecigs. Bloody Mary Fest   The City of Highwood held their third annual Bloody Mary Fest last Sunday. Vapor4Life helped sponsor the event and set up a booth at the event. There were 16 restaurants and bars competing for the "Best Bloody Mary in the Midwest." Formal judges included dining reporters and on-air TV personalities. Steve Dolinsky of ABC-TV's Hungry Hound tweeted that the first fan/follower to come up to the judge's table and say hello gets to help him, judge. I saw the tweet, bee-lined for the table and was the first! It was really cool to sample a bunch of bloody marys and show Steve how my Vapor Titan e-cig worked. Check back to see what other events we'll be doing this summer!