E-Cigarettes and Big Tobacco It was 2008 when I tried my first e-cig, which I was told was made for smokers who wanted to quit. Problem was, those early e-cigs sucked. At the time I was stressed out and chain-smoking over five packs a day. I had smoked for 40 years and I was having difficulty breathing. Between cigarettes and breathing medication, I was spending about $30,000 a year to kill myself. I used that as my budget to find an e-cig that would work for me. I also knew if I found something that would work for a serious smoker like me, it would work for everyone.  After months of searching and trying every product sold in the United States, I had to expand my search to the world. Everything I found was heavy and awkwardly shaped or had uncomfortable metal mouthpieces. They didn’t last long, and they broke way too often, but I learned a lot from that experience. I wanted simplicity in satisfying my smoking desires and to help all smokers in the world. To me, this is why e-cigs were invented, and why I invented vapor cigarettes exclusively made for smokers.   A few years ago, an analyst for Wells Fargo, Bonnie Herzog showed the growth of e-cigs was starting to take big chunks out of Big Tobacco. In fact, Herzog estimated that e-cigs were set to surpass combustibles on the market by 2025. I was so excited! We were gonna put Big Tobacco out of business, or at least give ‘em a run for their money. And what happened? Just like Big Tobacco, the e-cigs available at the stores were crap. They didn’t do what they promised. I was overseas making products that actually worked, while smokers were trying crap e-cigs from big companies like Blu who ended up selling out to Reynolds. Even with all that, e-cigs were winning. Our market share was going up. When I finally had invented the world’s best disposable, the world’s best rechargeable, and the world’s best-modified e-cig/cigar, I wanted to enter the market to give smokers another option. What a fool I had been. During this time, big tobacco, demons as they are, decided to enlist their PR machine to create such havoc in the mainstream media with disinformation such as e-cigs being more harmful than cigarettes, and purchasing politicians to create bans around the country and create taxes and create more disinformation as they put their own products on the e-cig market.     WTF? Big Tobacco all of the sudden wants you not to smoke? Come on! Get real! Don’t buy that. Now, the Reynolds Vuse has almost 5% nicotine as their only option for smokers to make the switch. No option to slowly titrate down. I know of nobody else in the world who sells this high a percentage of nicotine —not that nicotine is what addicts you to smoking —but that’s just too frickin’ much.   Across the pond in the UK, the land of socialized medicine, they get it. They’ve done their testing, they’ve done their reviews scientifically and have proven that e-cigs are 95% less harmful than cigarettes. How hard is it to understand that if you smoke a cigarette, it’s 100% harmful, just like it says on the package? And if you smoke an e-cig, it’s 5% harmful, which is 95% less! WTF?! We are so disjointed in the e-cig industry that Big Tobacco and the US government will soon put us out of business if we don't band together, and that’s a frickin’ shame. Something’s gotta give. We gotta go back to our roots and remember why we started vapin’ in the first place.   Back in 2008-2009, when I first discovered the miracle of e-cigs, the whole gist of the industry was to help smokers find an alternative to combustible cigs, and I wholeheartedly agreed with everything we were doing at that time. The last few years have become like the Wild West with vapers acting like Big Tobacco, and trying to profit without helping smokers to smoke smarter. Funny thing is, most of these vapers used products like mine to switch, but they forgot their mission, which has and always will be to put Big Tobacco out of business. Instead, we have not banded together properly, not shown ourselves professional enough, and explained the benefits of vaping versus smoking. This is now, unfortunately, being abused by the tobacco companies and their disinformation to show only the cloud chasers who are vaping for pure fun at low nicotine levels. If that’s what you do, that’s fine, but it’s missing the real point of why the electronic cigarette was invented. The electronic cigarette was invented to give smokers an alternative to combustible cigarettes, which are known to kill 6 million people a year. Early on we were headed in the right direction, but then greed took hold of the industry. Non-smokers opened businesses strictly for profit, not caring about the needs of smokers. Because these people never smoked, they have no frickin’ clue what cigarettes do to smokers, nor are they interested in anything but profit. Guess they took a lesson from Big Tobacco, who has a 100% motive of greed and death as we can see by their lying, disinformation, buying the media, paying off politicians, and screwing the public.   Come on, smokers; most all of you wanna quit. Most all of us know we’re killing ourselves. Most all of us have to be intelligent enough to understand that we’re not addicted to the nicotine, which is the least harmful part of a cigarette. Why would you not want to vape an e-cig that replicates smoking and makes you feel so much better —that’s proven to be 5% harmful compared to cigarettes? Wake up, people. That’s 95% less harmful than cigarettes. Don’t you think you owe it to yourself to smoke smarter and to keep these options for all adults in the free world?   Big corporations who lobby the politicians have been controlling our lives more and more everyday. Wake up. That’s right, wake up because we don’t have time to be lazy. We need to fight for our rights. We need to stand up and scream and shout. We need to band together and change the dishonest way our country is run. Just look at the Presidential situation. Are you kidding me? Trump on the stump as President? The man’s so thin-skinned that he can’t take one criticism, and he may be your next president. Not if I have anything to do with it. Do I like Hillary? No way. Same ol’ same ol’, but Trump scares the shit out of me. Problem is, our industry is just too small to fight Big Tobacco, which owns the politicians in the USA. Our rights and options are being lessened every day. Cigarettes will never go away, and that is very unfortunate. Chances are e-cigs will go to the black market in the political atmosphere of this country unless we fight for our rights. Vape-on, people. Vape-on, smokers. Don’t let our options go away. More to come soon.