E-Juice Flavor Quiz   You're an e-juice flavor. I bet you had no idea. I, too, was surprised when I found out I was an e-juice flavor, but I'm pretty pumped about it. Spoiler alert: I'm a dessert.   What’s your dream vacation? A. Driving Cross-Country in the U.S. B. Horseback Riding in New Zealand C. The Italian Riviera D. Battling through Skyrim   What’s your favorite color? A. Red B. Purple C. Green D. ALL the colors   Pick an animal A. Dog B. Cat C. Sloth D. Vapeosaurus Rex   What’s your favorite food? A. Cheeseburger B. Fried Chicken C. Salmon D. Guacamole by the spoonful   Favorite movie genre A. Western B. Film noir C. Foreign D. Anything starring Leonardo DiCaprio   Favorite place to vape A. In my car as I cruise down the highway B. In a steamy shower C. In front of the mirror, so I can see how attractive I look D. On the toilet; don’t judge   Mostly A: You are a tobacco flavored e juice. You like sticking to tradition and keeping things simple. Nothing really scares you. When it comes to adventures, you just need a full tank of gas, some e-juice, and your trusty vape. You’re a no-frills kind of person. You’re straightforward. What you see is what you get, baby. You also give really good hugs.   Mostly B: You, my friend, are a fruit-flavored e-juice. You crave fresh air and you like spending time in the sunshine. You have an exotic side though, that not everyone knows about. Perhaps you have explored a rainforest or were a rich prince or princess in a past life. Whatever the case, you like meeting people and making friends. And making friends comes easily to you.    Mostly C: A coffee e-juice. That’s what you are. You may not be a morning person, but once you start the day, you know how to kick things into high gear. You are a go-getter. A get-the-job-done type of person. In your spare time, you prefer the finer things in life. Some might say you have expensive taste, but you just like nice things.   Mostly D: You’re a dessert e-juice! Everybody loves you because you’re willing to try just about any adventure, and you’re sweet to boot! You have an edgy sense of humor and you are outspoken when it comes to vaping advocacy. Most people who meet you get an instant crush on you because you’re very charismatic. Remember that next time you go to the gas station and the attendant seems to count back your change with a glimmer in his or her eye. Mix of Letters: Congratulations! You’re Ultimo Vapor e-juice. When it comes to life, you like a little bit of everything. There’s a strong traditional side to you, but there’s also a goofy, quirky side that might even like vooping. Admit it. This makes you a really fun person to be around, no matter where your adventures might take you.