2Q== Vapor4Life dropped its new premium  line of Ultimo Vapor e juice just over a week ago, and they’re selling like hotcakes. Hotcakes that you can vape. There’s a lot of buzz about the new flavors, and a lot of customers are coming to us for suggestions about what to try first. Should it be the Forbidden Frozen Apple e juice, Custard’s Last Stand, or one of the other tasty 60/40 VG/PG e juice blends in the new line? We’ve filled our tanks, powered up our mods, blown our dragon-sized vape clouds, and we’re ready to weigh in on our favorite Ultimo Flavors. Here’s a sneak peak at the Vapor4Life staff’s favorite Ultimo Vapor flavors. Grab a bib. Your mouth will be watering.   Brian S., Product Manager Favorite Ultimo Vapor E Juice: Berry Berry Good to Me   My first all day vape with Vapor4Life was the Blueberry e Liquid. I used it consistently, but now I change up what I am vaping on a daily basis. The new Berry Berry Good to Me Ultimo e Juice reminds me of that Blueberry e Juice that I started vaping with, but is more complex. It also has a smoother throat hit and adds hints of different fruit flavors that reminds me of a fruit punch that I always have in my fridge.   Matthew F., Customer Lounge Manager Favorite Ultimo Vapor E Juice: Candy Crush   Delivers a nice smooth vape with one of my favorite candy flavors. I can not indulge in sweet candies so when I vape this delicious candy concoction I’m killing not only my nicotine cravings, but my sweet tooth as well.     Lisa F., Social Media Coordinator Favorite Ultimo Vapor E Juice: Fistful of Fruit   The first time I vaped Ultimo Vapor’s Fistful of Fruit in a mod, I was bowled over by how intense the flavor was. It was cold out, but it felt like munching on fresh apples, kiwi, and strawberries at a summer picnic. I almost had to pull my car over because the clouds were blocking my windshield. I vaped it the whole way home, and I’ve been vaping this e juice ever since.   Morgan L., Customer Service Representative Favorite Ultimo Vapor E Juice: Snow Ball   I like the Snow Ball flavor because at least for me, it's a refreshing menthol flavor. Snow Ball gives you enough of a 'kick' but is not too overpowering. Wouldn't recommend to people who do not like mint/menthol flavors, but for anyone who does, they're in for a treat.   Michael S., Customer Lounge Manager Favorite Ultimo Vapor E Juice: Custard’s Last Stand   Has all the graham cracker taste that a custard needs, with the vanilla flavor that can’t be beat. Sweet inhale and creamy exhale. Love it, love it, LOVE it!     I thought we’d get a few repeat flavors, but everybody’s got their favorite e juice from the Ultimo Vapor line. Some things we can all agree on? It’s a great e liquid for cloud chasing, the flavor is really intense, and we’re not gonna share it with our friends. You can get an Ultimo Vapor flavor for yourself and find your favorite. If you’ve already tried one of the new e juice blends, let us know what you think! That’s what we’re here for. That, and sampling new vape flavors. Yum!