v2_smileomizer_wp_banner Vapor4Life eCigarettes is proud to announce the release of the newly engineered V2 Smileomizer cartomizer. After getting feedback from our customers in our Chicago vape shop, Northbrook vape shop, online customers, and wholesalers, the product development team led by “Smilin” Steve decided to make changes to the Smileomizer eCig cartomizer in order to satisfy the Vapor4Life family. The new V2 Smileomizer has been rebuilt from the ground up, in order to provide the perfect combination of flavor and throat hit, extend the life of each Smileomizer, and create an easier draw that provided more vapor in every hit. This was done through an exhausting testing process that led to many tweaks to get the ideal “hit” that every vaper, and smoker, is looking for. “Smilin” Milin ended up changing the materials that were used in the heating coil to improve vapor production, upgrading the poly-fill to enhance the flavor and throat hit combination, and change the cotton material within the Smileomizer eCig cartomizer in order to extend Smileomizer life. Click here to purchase the new Version 2 Smileomizer