Organizing jewelry can be similar to organizing electronic cigarette supplies. Some jewelry can be heavy and large like mods. Stud earrings are a little smaller than cartomizers. Then there are generally oddly shaped pieces that don't really fit with anything else. The e-cigarette counterpart could be a lanyard or carrying case. Many people struggle with figuring out how to store their e-cig supplies. Once you find something that will hold everything, it's pretty easy deciding which sections will go where. I've seen a number of storage solutions. Vapers have used everything from tool boxes and fishing tackle boxes to makeup organizers and pencil holders. So once you find something that will work with the sizes of your equipment, how should you categorize your vaping stuff? Some categories that make sense to me are:
  • Charged batteries
  • Pre-filled/blank cartomizers
  • Used cartomizers
  • New replacement tank cartos
  • Lanyards
  • Cases
  • Flavors by type (a section for tobaccos, another for menthols, etc.)
  • Flavors by nicotine strength
  • Mods
  • Chargers
  • 808-threaded products
  • 510-threaded products
  • Drip tips
  • Cleaning supplies (rubbing alcohol, toothpicks, cotton swabs, rags)
  • Loaners (batteries or chargers you don't mind lending friends or newbies)
There are many reasons for wanting to store your e-cigarette supplies. Some people like me, just like to stay organized and know where everything is. Others have children or pets and want to keep them safe, away from curious eyes and hands. I'm interested in knowing, how do you store your supplies? Let us know in the comment section below.