Any Bloody Mary fans in the house? Vapor4Life recently attended Highwood's Bloody Mary Festival. Bright and early Saturday morning I arrived with my car full of equipment and ecig products. At 8 a.m. there were a handful of other vendors getting their booths set up. After figuring out where our booth would be, I got to work setting up the tent and tables. Luckily Joey from our tech team was there to help. We sold Dial-A-Volts and Vapor King starter kits. The scene was pretty similar to last year's event, and just as fun. It definitely seemed like a lot more people were aware of ecigs this time around though. We had sampler Smileomizers filled with Coffee, Watermelon, Blueberry, Traditional Tobacco, Traditional Menthol and Grape vape flavors. A few months prior, my friend and I signed up for the 5k race that took place on day 2 of the Fest. The race started at 9 a.m. and there were about 50 runners. About 10 of these racers signed up for the 'Bloody Buddy Challenge' which consisted of the race plus push ups, calisthenics, the crab walk and piggyback carry. The race was pretty cool, but I was totally spent at the end. At the finish line, they had miniature Bloody Marys for all the racers. Now  that's  what I call refreshing. The festival sponsor, Hoosier Momma was selling popcorn with a Bloody Mary taste. Sounds kind of gross, but I tried a sample and surprisingly, it wasn't actually that bad. Hhhmmm I wonder how a Bloody Mary-flavored ecig would be. We do have quite a few delicious beverage flavors...What do you think about Bloody Mary-flavored ecigs? Would you at least try one? See more pics from this event on our Facebook page!