How to Vape Like a Hookah

Vape Like a Hookah

The vaping market has largely focused on three general categories of vape juice flavors: menthol, tobacco and a huge range of sweet dessert and fruit ejuices. As a result of these trends, fans of hookah water pipes and smooth shisha style flavors have been largely bypassed by the vaping revolution. This is unfortunate as the communal vaping culture, and flexibility of ejuice flavors make hookah tobacco and vaping a natural combination.  

But for those of us who are passionate fans of the hookah experience, there are plenty of options available. You can create your own shisha flavor blend for your e-hookah by using an authentic tobacco ejuice as a base, and adding the flavor of your choice. Or you can take advantage of the excellent e-hookah flavors already on the market.


It is relatively easy to recreate the flavors and trademark smooth hookah throat hit without the smoke and ash. And it can be done at a relatively low cost. Our new Vapor Titan Clearomizer kit, a perfected version of time tested technology, is the ideal e-hookah. It has an ergonomically tapered mouth piece, large juice ports, and a strong throat kick with its 1.8ohm coil.

We feel the draw of the clearomizer and its vapor production are the best alternative to a combustible tobacco hookah or shisha pipe. To put it another way, the same traits that the make the clearomizer ideal for mouth to lung vaping also make it the perfect e-hookah.

With the proper e-hookah equipment in hand, it just becomes a matter of finding the shisha flavors that you need.

Shisha Flavors

A clearomizer may not resemble a shisha pipe, but obtaining the shisha flavors for your e-hookah and enjoying an authentic experience is much easier than you think. Vape juice is incredibly versatile and lends itself to a wide range of flavors. The market is already stacked with sweet ejuices and authentic tobacco flavors. It is just a matter of finding the best flavored tobacco vape juice or making your own blend by combining several flavors.

Our Peach Tobacco ejuice is a beautiful and fruity shisha blend. The delicate peach notes work well with the authentic tobacco base. On inhale, it is both tart and sweet, but the cool finish captures that shisha essence that hookah fans demand.  

If you are looking for a more complex shisha flavor for your e-hookah, RY Twist delivers. The mango and pear fruit blend adds a dash of sweetness, while vanilla and caramel create a deep, complex flavor profile that smooths the tobacco bite. Hookah lovers will enjoy the exotic flavors and realism that RY Twist delivers from a pen sized ehookah.

Mint can be blended with virtually any flavor of tobacco, as menthol fans can attest to, and it is easy to DIY your own shisha blend with just two or three ejuice flavors. We have a tremendous selection of tobacco ejuice flavors to choose from, but none are more popular than traditional tobacco. Try combining it with our icy cool Mint ejuice, or best-selling Peppermint or create your own icy cool, minty fresh shisha blend.  

Traditional tobacco ejuice has a natural companion in Berry Splash. If you want a classic shisha flavor pairing, the blend of blueberry, strawberry and raspberry will evoke the total hookah experience. The fruitiness bursts forward on inhale, but it is the earthy tobacco anchor that makes this combination a realistic hookah flavor alternative.

Perhaps nic salts are more your speed. We have two pieces of good news. The first is that nic salts work splendidly in our Clearomizer ehookah. The second is that the strong lineup of Pachamama Salts includes the wildly popular Pachamama Apple Tobacco. This outstanding flavor delivers the subtlety that shisha smokers are looking for.

E-Hookah Nic Salts

Fuji Apple is one of Pachamama’s quintessential flavors, and their hot take on authentic tobacco makes the Apple Tobacco a match made in heaven. We reviewed Pachamama Nic Salts earlier this year, and can’t overstate how strong their lineup is. If you would like to learn more about nic salts, and if they are a good fit for your e-hookah adventure, check out our feature article What is Salt Nic?