Mothers-Day-blogMother's Day is coming up before you know it. Do you have something for your mom yet, or do you need some ideas? If your mom still smokes cigarettes, this is the perfect opportunity to introduce her to electronic cigarettes. Perhaps she's looked for an alternative in the past, or thought about trying e-cigs, but wasn't successful. Our WOW Vapor King Disposables are the perfect starting point when you're looking for Mother's Day gifts for vapers. WOW Vapor King disposable e-Cigs First of all, they are incredibly easy to use. You just have to unwrap the package and protective cap to begin vaping. The only instructions are to puff like you would a tobacco cigarette. The second reason that these disposables are a great starting point is that they're very affordable. You can spend up to 15 bucks on a single pack of cigarettes. WOW Vapor King Disposables are just $7.49 each, and they last the same amount of time as it takes to smoke 20 cigarettes. If you (or your mom) has ever tried convenience store disposables, but they didn't work out, give ecigs a second chance. There are a lot of brands out there, and you have to keep trying to see works. Our disposables are available in true-tasting tobacco and menthol flavors, and two strengths (regular and strong). New vape supplies If your mom already uses electronic cigarettes, then some new vape gear is definitely in order! It's always fun to get some new vapes. Whatever your budget, we've got something that we're sure your mom will love! Here are a few suggestions: Under $100: Vapor Zeus Dual Mode Starter Kit This modified vaporizer  is the world's only dual mode battery. The button allows you to alter between using it as an auto or manual depending on your mood! It provides 5 volts of power as a stand-alone battery or as a passthrough. Get up to 20 hours of use on a single charge! This battery comes in 5 colors and 3 sizes, and the starter kit includes a Vapor Zeus battery, 2 Smileomizer cartridges, a 30ml bottle of vapor juice, a USB charger, and a wall adapter. Under $50: Dial-A-Volt Battery This variable voltage e-cig battery packs a mega punch. Simply twist the silver dial to set your voltage from 3.2 to 4.8 volts. Some flavors taste better at different voltage levels, so being able to alter your voltage lets you find your 'sweet spot.' The Dial-A-Volt comes in both  automatic and manual styles, 5 colors, and 4 sizes, making is totally customizable.   Under $10: Smileomizer Has your mom used a Smileomizer yet? This is our Vapor4Life exclusive cartomizer. Fill it up with your fav ecig flavor in the morning, and don't worry about it again until nighttime. These come in all the colors as our Dial-A-Volt and Vapor Zeus batteries to make matching easy. The small holds 3.5ml of liquid, while the large (designed to match the XL advanced personal vaporizers) holds a whopping 6ml! Hurry and order so your package comes in time for Mother's Day! Oh, and if your mom doesn't smoke or vape, every mom likes flowers, right?! So, what'll it be? Let us know what you're getting mom this year.