vapor cartridgesIf you've thought of making the switch from smoking to vaping, you may have already heard some of the facts associated with electronic cigarettes, or e cigs. For example, e cigs are an alternative to smoking, and they don't contain the harmful chemicals and carcinogens that are found in tobacco cigarettes. In some places, they can even be used in public in areas where smoking has been banned. Additionally, supporters of electronic cigarettes, known as the vaping community, host events and meetings, so others who want to begin vaping have a way to get involved.
But these facts don't explain the technology behind vaping and electronic cigarettes. As you start shopping for vaping kits, make sure that you know the following parts of the e cig:
Battery The battery is the part of the e cig that allows the device to operate. It also helps to produce the vapor that comes out of the e cig. At the end of the battery is a spot for the pass-through -- the part that the smoke comes out of. On rechargeable electronic cigarette models, there is often a spot used to recharge that battery. Some batteries require users to press a button in order to produce vapor; others will automatically create vapor, which is a system more akin to a traditional cigarette.
Vapor cartridges and atomizers Vapor cartridges are used to house the e liquid, which is later turned into vapor once it passes through the battery. In some models of e cig, vapor cartridges are often combined with the atomizer, which heats the e liquid. These cartridge and atomizer are sometimes referred to as a cartomizer. Rechargeable electronic cigarettes allow for this part of the e cig to be refilled with e liquid.
E Liquid E liquid is the substance used to create vapor, created from a mix of propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin, flavoring, nicotine, and other ingredients. It is housed in the cartridge or cartomizer. One of the big selling points of electronic cigarettes is that they have a wide variety of e liquid flavors available to suit any user's taste. They go beyond traditional tobacco flavoring to include candy, fruit, coffee, chocolate, dessert, and other flavors. Currently, there are hundreds of different e liquid flavors for sale, and they can be ordered with varying amounts of nicotine to suit user preference.
Mouthpiece The mouthpiece is the part that is used to vape. The vapor passes through the mouthpiece into the user's mouth before being expelled through the electronic cigarette's battery. Mouthpieces can vary in design, and some models can be used to help users produce more vapor. Have questions on these terms? Be sure to leave a comment below if you'd like more clarification or resources.