Eon Stik Disposable Vape Review

Disposable Vapes


The typical adult vaper is not concerned about output, ohms and giant clouds. What they want is a satisfying and flavorful alternative to combustible cigarettes. Thanks to potent nic salt ejuice formulas, disposable vapes are able to deliver this performance in compact and discrete vaping device.


For complete explanation of the science behind nic salts, check out our feature article: What is Salt Nic?



Eon St!k


The Eon ST!K Disposable Vape is great Juul alternative and incredibly easy to use. Like other stick style disposables, it is pretty close in size to a Juul and also uses nic salts.


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The Eon is even easier to use than a prefilled vape pod kit. Just open the package and puff away. Eon really stuck the landing when they launched this flavorful disposable which has over a dozen outstanding flavor options.


For reasons best understood by Eon, the device is actually spelled “St!k. Based on it’s rather esoteric spelling, the stick style Eon St!k Disposable would technically be pronounced something closer to STUH-K. Or more plausibly Saint K or Street K.  But I digress.


Unlike the oft mispronounced Smok, it seems unlikely that a bizarre alternate pronunciation will catch on and for the sake of simplicity we are going to stick with the name Stik.



It is worth pointing out that Smok Mods are marketed as a smoking alternative and not as a protective outer garment.


Eon Stik Disposable Vape



It may be a disposable but the Eon Stik provides a very impressive vaping experience. Longer drags generate fairly decent sized and flavorful clouds. Despite being available with an almost preposterous selection of flavors, they seem to have taken some care with each formulation. For a vape pod user looking for a satisfying vape, it has a tight draw and shorter puffs will generate almost no odor or cloud. For complete overview of the competitive disposables market, check out our lengthy review of the Best Disposable Vapes.

Disposable Vapes


Each Eon Stick contains 1.3ml of nic salt vape juice with a strength of 6.8%. Depending on how deeply you inhale, it is good for several hundred puffs. The small and sleek disposable is extremely comfortable to use. The solid impressive ejuice capacity and potent nic strength make it a better value than a Juul. And the best part is, the Eon Stik is available in fifteen flavors.


As a self-contained vape kit, the Eon Stik is a top contender in the popular disposable vape market.


Zaero Disposable Vape



The major drawback with the Eon Stik is that it is rather strong, to put it mildly. If you are looking for a stick style disposable with more nicotine options, the Zaero Disposable Vape is currently the only game in town.


Disposables are basically an even easier to use alternative to prefilled vape pods. Most prefilled vape pod kits on the US market are sold with a nicotine strength between 2.5 and 5 percent.


Refillable vape pods are more flexible and work with both regular ejuice and nic salts. The majority of bottled nic salts on the US market fall also fall between 2.5 and 5 percent.


The United Kingdom actually limits nic strength to 2 percent. Classic ejuices rarely exceed 2.4 percent in the US and most subohm box mods are burning through ejuice between 0.3 and 0.6%. To make up for their lack of battery power, there are some disposables on the market are as strong as 6 percent, but most operate around 5 percent.


The Eon Stik has all of these beat and delivers a nicotine punch of 6.8%. This is 36% stronger than a Juul pod. If you are looking for satisfaction from a single puff, this strength might be fine but it is not a feature if you like to chain vape all day.


Many potential disposable vape users are deterred by the strength of the nic salt formulas. But there is no reason to forego the flavor and convenience of disposables. The Zaero Disposable is available in four nicotine strengths. This includes a nicotine free disposable, 1.8, 3.0 and 5.0% nic strength.


If the Eon Stik works a bit stiff for your vaping needs, make sure you check out the Zaero Disposable. With an ejuice capacity of 1.8ml, it holds 38% more ejuice than an Eon Stik.


Vaping the Eon Stik


Vaping the Eon Stik is as easy as opening a box, making your way through the interior packaging, pulling the silicon stopper from the end and inhaling. Like all the other nic salt disposables on the market, it is an autodraw.  No buttons.


And draw itself is comfortably tight. Like its many rivals, it is the sharpness of the flavor really sticks out. The Eon is a stick style disposable, similar to the Zaero, Puff Bar, Mr Vapor, Sea Stix and sundry other devices. Much like a prefilled vape pod device, these stick disposables place the ejuice and coil at the top of the device and the battery beneath.


The Eon Stick is about 4 inches in length, which is typical for a stick style disposable. If you are looking for something even shorter, the mini style disposables are less than three inches long, although they obtain this shorter stature by stacking the battery next to the ejuice.


The Eon works at peak performance from start to finish. There is no prolonged break-in period or drop-off in flavor due to old coils. Despite the 6.8% strength, the throat hit is silky smooth. Now let us take a look at the stacked lineup of Eon Stik flavors.


Eon Stik Disposable Flavors


Watermelon Eon Stik


Watermelon is a very popular vaping flavor. Eon St!k Watermelon nails the watermelon flavor without seeming too candied. The lightness of the classic watermelon flavor offsets the quite sweet flavor profile without getting too floral. You will get a few hard candy notes on inhale but the overall experience will remind you of a perfectly ripe fruit.


Lush Ice Eon Stik


It seems no line of disposables is complete without a Lush Ice flavor. The Lush Ice Eon Stik blends raspberry, watermelon and cooling mint. It has a strong cooling menthol elements on exhale. The mildly tart mixed berry and sweet watermelon flavor notes that really make Lush Ice shine. The Eon St!k Lush Ice can go toe-to-toe with the best in the industry when it comes to flavor.


Cucumber Eon Stik


When Juul pulled their popular Cucumber pods from the market, millions of vapers were left in the lurch. Luckily, some great options are still available. Cucumber Eon St!k is perhaps the best Juul Cucumber alternative around. This is a smooth, intricate and sweet vape juice. It delivers much of the coolness of mint but without the menthol bite.


Click here if you are looking for the Best Juul Cucumber Alternatives and prefer a lower nic level than 6.8%.  



Green Apple Eon Stik


Green Apple Eon St!k  is a tart and sweet apple vape. You can really taste a realistic apple flavor on inhale. The exhale is bit more like a hard candy but the actual fruit flavor notes are refreshing and realistic.


Citrus Eon Stik


 Citrus Eon St!k Disposable Vape is a great option for nic salt fans who enjoy orange and citrus flavors.  The orange flavor is balanced and bit pulpy. The citrus tart is notable on exhale. This is a smooth flavor and does not taste too strongly of powdered orange concentrate, Sunny-D, Tang or the other famous artificial orange flavors that that seem to inspire some citrus vapes. This is more than just a breakfast vape.


Strawberry Eon Stik


The distinctive flavor of fresh strawberries sometimes feels like it was custom designed for disposable vapes. The Strawberry Eon St!k disposable delivers the full beauty of energizing strawberry in a convenient disposable ecig.


Blueberry Eon Stik


Blueberry is a well-liked vape flavor because the complexity of this fruit has complementary flavor tones. The sweetness is present but tart notes make sure that it is never too cloying. And the basic blueberry flavor itself just tastes good. If you are a fan of blueberries, the Eon St!k Blueberry Disposable is a perfect choice.


Strawberry Banana Eon Stik


Strawberry and banana are two of the most popular fruits in the US. When blended, they make for a very satisfying vape. The banana adds plenty of creaminess while the strawberry offers a distinct flavor which packs a sweet and tart punch. Strawberry Banana Eon St!k is a cohesive flavor that fruit vape fans and vape pod users will enjoy.


Berry Gelato Eon Stik


A smooth and satisfying dessert vape, the Berry Gelato Eon St!k Disposable is a unique vaping flavor profile. The rich and creamy mouthfeel of the gelato flavor and complex berry flavors will satiate your sweet tooth.


Pink Lemonade Eon Stik


Pink Lemonade Eon St!k Disposables is a summertime flavor that can be enjoyed all year. Sweet, sugary and sour hints permeate every draw. If you love the flavor of pink lemonade, this beverage vape is a great option. If you are looking to switch from vape pods to disposables, this flavor gives you a chance to enjoy the wide selection of Eon flavors.


Mango Eon Stik


If you are looking for a Juul Mango alternative, Eon Stik Mango one of the best options on the market today. If 6.8 percent nic is too strong for you or want to explore your other options, make sure you read our comprehensive feature: The Best Juul Mango Alternatives. Despite being an all-in-one disposable, it is actually a better price performer. And the flavor itself is more boldly mango. The ripe fruit flavor tones are irresistible. It is easy to see why vapers love mango nic salt formulas after sampling this amazing disposable vape.



Cubano Eon Stik


Most adults may prefer sweet vaping flavors but there is a core of enthusiasts who know the full joy of a great tobacco vape. Tobacco connoisseurs will appreciate the attention detail found in the Cubano Eon St!k Disposable. This is a rich, deep, earthy and smooth flavor. The Eon Stik is a great option for vape pod and Juul users, but heavy smokers looking to make the jump to vaping may also enjoy Eon Stik Cubano.


Pomegranate Eon Stik


Pomegranate has a big time flavor and is gaining popularity in the US. The sweetness is bold and the tartness mild. The Pomegranate Eon St!k Disposable is a unique and excellent flavor.


Peach Eon Stik


The flavor of peach may be an easy one to identify but it is never boring. The Eon St!k Peach Disposable is not too syrupy and mimics the real flavor peach quite well. If you like fruity vapes, this flavor is “Simply Peachy”.


Kiwi Strawberry Eon Stik


A certain snappily labelled lemonade company first brought the Kiwi-Strawberry flavor to prominence 30 years ago. This match made in heaven inspires the Eon St!k Kiwi Strawberry Disposable.  Despite its inspiration, this is more of a fruit than a beverage vape. The kiwi is sweet and distinct. Strawberry is the foundation.




The Eon Stik is a standard stick style vape with an extraordinary selection of flavors and an impressive nicotine strength. This is both a feature and a bug. It doesn't take many puffs to get their fix and this makes it fine Juul alternative. But many vapers do not need a nic strength of 6.8 percent, which represents an over 13 percent bump from the next most potent disposable vapes.


This may not seem to be a tremendous increase over the 6 percent strength line of Posh Vapes or the equally potent Ziip Pods Z-Pods Disposables, but our goal at Vapor4Life has always been to get smokers to switch to vaping and for vapers to reduce their nicotine level.