disposable e cigarettes Vaping is more than a fad -- it's a way of life for many people, especially those who have used electronic cigarettes and vaporizers to quit smoking. What most people don't realize is that they have two main choices when they choose e cigs over tobacco: disposable and rechargeable electronic cigarettes. Where the latter tends to be popular with more advanced e cig users, the former can offer distinct advantages and convenience for those want a simple vaping experience. Whether you're choosing a electronic cigarette for the first time or you're looking for something new, here are some of the facts you need about disposable e cigarettes:
    • Disposable e cigs were among the first electronic cigarettes Although the concept of the electronic cigarette originated in the 1960s, it didn't become a reality for consumers until about a decade ago. Some of the first e cigarettes developed were disposable models, which were created in 2003 in China and marketed as smoking cessation products. These devices made vaping history by being the first commercially available and have since created a $1.7 billion (and growing) industry with more than 2.5 million users in the U.S. alone. After a few years, they began to catch on and now come in both disposable and rechargeable electronic cigarette models.
    • Disposable e cigarettes are easy to use right out of the package One of the advantages of using disposable e cigs is that they are ready for use right away. There's no refilling a cartridge with messy bottles, and they're small enough that they can be taken on the go. In fact, disposable e cigs are typically available in just as many vaping flavors as there are e liquid refills for rechargeable devices, and they can be ordered with additional vapor cartridges for easy replacements. This method has helped make them an effective alternative to tobacco cigarettes for nearly a decade.
  • Most "disposable" e cigs can actually be recycled Whether it's the entire e cigarette that gets disposed of or just the cartridge, many of these devices can actually be recycled. Recycling these plastic and electronic objects ensures that fewer such items wind up in landfills. Check to see how you can recycle your disposable e cigarettes before you buy new ones.
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