What is a smileomizer As you’re browsing the products at Vapor4Life or reading our blog, you might wonder, “What is a Smileomizer?” Well, we’re glad you asked because the Smileomizer is one of our proprietary products and it’s named after its creator —and our founder— Steve Smilin Milin. Smilin developed the revolutionary Smileomizer cartomizer after years of tinkering with tanks and mods from other vapers that ended up breaking, or failing to give him the taste and throat hit he needed. So, he devised his own cartomizer, fully confident that if it was good enough for him (his own biggest critic) it would be good enough to give any smoker the experience they hoped for.   Smileomizers come in six different colors, which serves a fashionable, as well as functional, purpose. Vapers can match their Smileomizer to their e cig batteries, and even to their outfits. If you’re having a hard time remembering which e-juice you’ve filled in which Smileomizer, you can easily keep track by matching different e-liquids with different-colored Smileomizers. I put my sour green apple cobbler e-juice in a green Smileomizer. My black cherry e-juice is in a black Smileomizer with a magenta medical grade silicone tip.   Why the Smileomizer is the Best Cartomizer
  • Vertical coil
  • Medical-grade silicone tip
  • Color-coordinated
  • Holds 3.5 to 6.5 ml of e-juice
  • Like 3 to 6 packs of cigarettes
  • Sizzling sound
  • Available in 510 and 808 threading  
  A Personal Note About Smileomizers from Their Inventor   When I first quit smoking—after 40 years at five packs a day—I still wasn’t getting the taste, feel and satisfaction I wanted from e-cigarettes. As the old saying goes, if you want something done right, do it yourself. I invented my own cartomizer, the Smileomizer, after buying and trying every cart, tank, mod available, nothing satisfied me like a real cigarette or cigar.  Other e-cigarettes and cartomizers had had hard tips that hurt my teeth. They were temperamental, so I had to play with them to get the juice to wick properly. The puffs were inconsistent, the vapor was inconsistent, the taste varied too much.  I wanted to hear a sizzle, just like a real smoke. I needed the proper throat hit and chest hit, so I would feel like I was smoking I went through hundreds of sample cartomizer tips so I could chew on my electronic cigarettes and cigars, just like when i actually smoked. I wanted the highest grade stainless steel, but wanted to keep a soft velvety texture. I finally found a medical grade washable, reusable silicone tip to cover the stainless steel tube and make for a soft, pleasant puff. Above all, I wanted a long-lasting smoking experience. I designed my Smileomizers in 3ml and 6ml capacities, so they’d last as long as three to six packs of smokes. I had already invented an automatic modified battery, which is the world’s strongest and the only auto modified battery to this day. Five volts, when matched with my proprietary Smileomizer gave me a perfect 10 watts of smoking pleasure. Even though I have not smoked analog cigarettes or cigars since 2008, I feel like I am smoking everyday, and I’m much more satisfied than ever before. If you’re looking to make the switch, sign up for our email list or call one of our customer service representatives today. They use my Smileomizers every day too.