Since the FDA Deeming Regulations dropped on May 5, vapers have been in a state of panic. What’s in that 500-page document? What does all that legal jargon mean? Will they take my vape away? Most importantly, what’s next? FDA Deeming Regulations The best thing to do is to stay calm as vaping advocacy groups and vape shops like Vapor4Life pore over the document and plan their next course of action. We promised we’d keep our vaping family up to date on every step of the process. Here’s some information from Vapor Technology Association that includes some calls to action to make sure that every vaper’s voice is heard.   This document from VTA explains everything you need to know about what’s going on with the FDA Deeming Regulations. Every vaper should read this, share this, and spread the word to help us fight the good fight. Here are a few key points.  
  • The main goal is to get Congress to change the predicate date that requires Pre--Market Tobacco Applications testing for products introduced after February 2007
  • HR2058 is out of the picture
  • The bipartisan Cole-Bishop amendment is our best bet for changing the predicate date
  What You Can Do   You’re probably wondering, “What can I do to help protect the rights of vapers?” Here are a few quick resources that are a crucial part of our plan of action.
  • Check out the calls to action outlined by CASAA
  • Sign this petition to stand up to the FDA
  • Participate in this survey to share your experience with e-cigs
As we’ve mentioned before, it’s time to be calm and deliberate when talking about the FDA Deeming Regulations and vaping. As CASAA wisely suggests, “It is time to act with purpose, not react emotionally.”