deeming-regulations-and-vaping May 5, 2016 marked the day vapers had long been awaiting: the FDA’s final ruling on the much-anticipated deeming regulations regarding e-cigarettes. There’s a lot to consider --and to read-- before our community knows the next steps involved in this process. The 500-page report of the deeming regulations is like a lexicon of legalese. It took a full ream of paper to print. Our legal outreach representative has been in contact with Washington DC all morning and is reviewing the ruling (pictured above in all its hefty glory; yes, that's ONE copy) and we’ll keep you posted here and on Facebook with all the updates as we decipher this dictionary of “reg speak.” You'll be seeing a lot of sensationalist, click-baity posts out there that jump to conclusions, but now is not the time to panic. It's time to educate ourselves fully on the regulations and then move forward. In the meantime, CASAA outlines steps you can take to keep supporting the vaping rights movement. Now’s the time to tell your story, contact lawmakers and let your voice ring out. Don’t panic. We will make sure you fully understand the time frames ahead and what’s in store for our beloved vape family. For the time being, keep calm and vape on.