FDA-monkey-torture-nicotine-research The FDA recently put a stop to its ongoing torture of monkeys for the sake of nicotine research after a personal appeal from primatologist and animal advocate Jane Goodall. Among the cruel experiments, the monkeys were forced to undergo was one test in which they were able to dose themselves with nicotine.   In a September letter addressed to FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, Goodall wrote, “I have been told that FDA researchers implant squirrel monkeys as young as one-year-old with devices to deliver nicotine directly into their bloodstreams. The young primates are then placed in restraint devices and trained to press levers to receive doses of nicotine.”   The “purpose” of this experiment by the FDA was to allegedly to learn more about the relationship between nicotine and addiction.   Goodall outlined the side effects of this torture in chilling details in her letter. “The ill-effects of the nicotine, apparently recorded on video and documented, are said to include vomiting, diarrhea, and tremors,” she said, noting that some of the primates were kept caged for three years.   According to Washington Post, Gottlieb “put a hold” on the nicotine study and ordered a team of primate experts “to evaluate the safety and well-being of the monkeys and to understand whether there are additional precautions needed” at the FDA’s research center.   The study —which may still be resumed at some point— may be tied to the FDA’s recent announcement that it was planning to lower the amount of nicotine in cigarettes to levels that are not addictive.   Here’s hoping the monkeys will no longer have to endure the same senseless physical torture and death that smokers have suffered for years.