Vapor4Life Now Offers FedEx 2Day® Shipping

At Vapor4Life, our goal is to make your customer journey as pleasant and convenient as possible. This is why we have added FedEx 2Day® as a delivery option for our US customers and priced it an affordable $9.50. Now you can enjoy near real time tracking and fast delivery on every order.

Don’t worry US Postal Service users. We are still offering the same reliable and affordable USPS services we always have. For US Customers, our standard USPS Priority shipping will remain $6.95 and USPS Express is still available at $26.95. We just wanted to provide you with another option to make sure you have the best possible experience at Vapor4Life.

What it comes down to is choice. We know that sometimes standard delivery isn’t quick enough, and with FedEx you can get your order faster than ever. The best part is that at only $9.50, it is a tremendous bargain. Here are just a few of the ways you benefit from FedEx 2Day® shipping.

Keep in mind that this is our first FedEx shipping option but we may add additional services in the near future.

Expedited FedEx 2Day® Shipping

At Vapor4Life, we take pride in our same day shipping. Now with FedEx 2Day® you can get your orders even faster. This is great news if running out of your favorite ejuice or just can’t wait for a new Vapor Zeus.

Guaranteed Delivery

FedEx has a tremendous track record of on time delivery. Not only is FedEx 2Day® a cost effective shipping alternative but it is backed up by FedEx's money back guarantee. Orders shipped to businesses arrive by 4:30pm and by 8pm at residences. If you have any questions, FedEx has plenty of user-friendly tools to help you on their website. And don’t miss their easy to use mobile apps for both Android and iPhone devices.

FedEx Tracking

Not only can you get your order sooner, but it is easier to track your package when it is in transit. FedEx tracking provides unmatched insight into where your package is and when it will be delivered. You can track multiple packages in near real time and obtain proof of delivery with a click of a button.

Package Pickup at Walgreens

In the past, FedEx was not an option for US customers who use a PO Box and in residences that lack a secure package delivery area. Thanks to Walgreens Package Pickup, you can now take full advantage of FedEx's topflight delivery options if you live near one of their 8,000 locations nationwide. You can have your order sent to a place you trust, right in your neighborhood.

The best part is that many Walgreens are open 24 hours. Now you can pick up your order without worrying about package security. You can also drop off your Fed Ex package as well.

FedEx Delivery Manager

FedEx Delivery Manager gives you unmatched insight into your order and more control than ever. After registering, the complimentary service package allows you to hold items for pickup, receive alerts, schedule vacation holds of up to 14 days, and add delivery instructions. For a fee, you can set a delivery time or even reroute your order to another residence.

FedEx App for Android and iPhone

Whether you are an iPhone or Android user, FedEx Mobile is perfect for tracking your shipment status. It also provides you with the tools you need to manage your orders. The app can alert you with notifications about your package and locate nearby FedEx and Walgreens locations.  

A Brief History of FedEx

FedEx can trace their origin to a term paper written by founder Fred Smith when he was an undergraduate at Yale. Smith argued only air delivery could keep pace with an increasingly automated world, but rigid regulations made the use of existing US air cargo carriers prohibitively slow and inefficient.

Smith felt that the only solution was for a single carrier to be responsible for a parcel from pick-up through to ultimate delivery, relying on their own fleet of aircraft, package hubs, and delivery vans. The efficiency of this model has stood the test of time and today Federal Express is a global leader innovative parcel delivery.

Operations started for what was then known as Federal Express on April 17, 1973. That night their small fleet of 14 aircraft departed from Memphis, TN carrying a total of 285 packages. Their profits were scarce during the early years but they built a reputation as premium parcel service.

Until the mid-1970s, FedEx was stifled by strict regulations and they spent much of the 1970s lobbying for air cargo deregulation. They succeeded in 1977 and this success allowed them to use larger planes. This increased their efficiency and was catalyst for their rapid growth. Today FedEx is the largest airline in terms of freight tons flown.

Still based in Memphis, FedEx today has a fleet of 670 aircraft and deliver freight to more than 375 destinations around the world.

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