What's up vapers?! BHam is back with some tips to help you find the perfect vape you've been looking for. I've been vaping for over two years now (and feel damn good about it too), but it hasn't always been the smoothest of sailing. Not because I didn't   have great gear to start with, I just wasn't using any of it for my needs. At Vapor4Life, we have a lot solutions for every kind of vaper there is. Every vaper is different and will need a setup that works for them. Just like with most vapers, I started with stick batts and moved to mods, you all know the deal (:wink:). I found myself playing around with different setups. I'd like a certain setup for a week or two and then I felt like I wanted more. Finally I found something that worked for me, the Dial-A-Volt with a tank. Most of you know that the Dial-A-Volt is a variable voltage e-cig. Once I started using the Dial-A-Volt, I knew I had found the right battery for me. I adjust my voltages all day for different situations. As I went through changes in a day, the Dial-A-Volt changed with me. It's perfect. Even after finding the right batt, I always thought that I was missing something from my cartos. I'm a fruit-loving vaper so finding the sweet spot with fruity vapes can be really tricky. The tank I was using had a 1.5ohm dual coil cartomizer and after a while, I would get a funny taste, almost burnt. I'd fiddle with my Dial-A-Volt, turning voltages down to compensate but I was missing my throat hit. I needed to find something else. Vapers on the V4L Forum suggested I try the single coil 2.0ohm cartos. Like magic, I had found my perfect setup. That's the beauty of e-liquid tanks. We've got five different cartos at different resistances so that any vaper can find the right one for them. Do you like a strong throat hit with your tobacco vapes? Try the dual coil 1.5ohm or 2.5ohm cartos. Like me, are you a fruit-loving vaper? The single coil cartos are great for bringing out flavor! So remember vapers, everyone is different and your setup might not be the best for the vaper next to you, but there IS a solution for everyone. As vapers, we're a tight-knit community so never be afraid to ask vapers on the V4L Forum for advice. Every vaper is always willing to help!