This is a guest post written by Steve from Steve K's Vaping World. Continued from yesterday. The Reviews Themselves Here are some things to ask yourself when reading an e-cigarette review: How much detail is there to the review Some reviews go to great lengths to talk about the product itself and the experience of using it. Others simply list the features without much detail. A good review should provide more information than you can get reading the side of a product box. The pros and cons Almost all reviews try to list both pros and cons to add a feeling of legitimacy. Ask yourself if they seem realistic, or if the cons are kind of light on substance. Also be aware of going too far to the extreme. Some sites pride themselves on publishing really bad reviews of products. You should get a feeling of balance. After reading the article you should feel very familiar with the subject. Reviews should aim to first educate before selling.
Things to watch out for Finally, there are a few things to watch out for when evaluating e-cigarette review sites. Some of these things are grey areas or perhaps misunderstandings. Others are blatantly exaggerated claims. E-cigarettes can be a controversial subject. It's illegal in many countries (including the US) for them to be marketed by sellers as a quit-smoking aid. Bloggers aren't bound by those restrictions (hooray, free press!). I often talk about e-cigarettes and their usefulness as an alternative to cigarettes. However, you may want to be wary of any guarantees that the devices will help you quit smoking. Every person is different. I never like to declare something in absolutes, but steer far clear of any offers that promise "free" trials. They are almost always a very bad deal in the long run. Conclusion Product reviews can be a great source to find a good e-cigarette for your needs. However, it's important to trust the source of the review to make sure the recommendation is appropriate for your needs. Asking some basic questions while looking at a particular site can help make that decision easier. Look for variety in the products reviewed as well as other non-review articles on the site. When evaluating articles, make sure that they present a complete and accurate description of the product. Also, try to verify any review site is upfront about its financial interests in a product review. Finally, make sure the review isn't making claims that simply aren't supported by reality. Taking a little time to evaluate review sites may be the biggest way to make a smart purchase in the long run. If you'll pardon the shameless plug, I like to think Steve K's Vaping World is a pretty good place for e-cigarette reviews (along with news, how-to's and great articles). I also have a blogroll on my site with links to other e-cigarette sites I think highly of (including the V4L Blog, of course!). Check out Steve's blog, or contact him via Twitter, Facebook, ECF, or Google+.