This is a guest post written by Keyzygirl from Key West, Florida. Laid back and vaping in paradise. Most of us start our vaping journey with a basic starter kit. It includes everything you need to try vaping and see if it's the right thing for you. If you like it and feel it will work for you then you can begin to try different flavors and combos and find what will suit you best. Sampler Packs I find sampler packs are the best bang for your buck. It is the best way to try as many flavors as you can.  Five different flavors for the price of one box is pretty amazing. I believe V4L  is the only company that offers this option. I suggest trying several different samplers. You may be very surprised at the flavors that turn out to be favorites. You can buy prefilled cartos and matching juices to refill them when you find a flavor you like. Batteries To Power Your E-Cig Try different sizes and styles of batteries. I am a diehard XL Manual Vapor Titan user, but I started with the regular size  Vapor Kings. I do enjoy a shorty automatic battery now and then when doing crafts and working with my hands. The EGO style is fatter but last a long time when out and about running errands. Try different types and sizes so you can figure out which style works best for you. You may end up like me and enjoy several different types. Drip Tips I have to say that I totally recommend a drip tip to everyone. I love these little things. I buy them to match my batteries or to match my favorite cartomizers. They feel nice on your lips and improve the draw noticeably. It's also easier to top off a carto when you can just pop it off instead of looking for a tool to remove the white rubber stopper. It's an all-around win. Everyone should own a drip tip. Tanks Tanks are another thing. I suggest waiting on tanks until you are comfortable vaping and filling your own cartos. Tanks are wonderful but can be frustrating if you aren't ready for it. When you decide to try one be sure and find a video or instructions that you fully understand. Take your time and don't worry if you have a hard time at first. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get it right. Once you figure it out I'm sure you will totally enjoy them. So try different things and don't be afraid to mess up. It's all part of learning to vape. You are not going to fall in love with every carto, juice flavor, or style of battery. Be patient and keep trying. Look at it as a hobby or as an adventure. Vaping is a journey and the starter kit is just the beginning. Keep moving ahead and trying new things. Eventually, you will find your perfect vape. VAPE ON! Please join Keyzygirl on ECF and Facebook. Visit her blog at