As you have probably heard by now, Vapor4Life just released a ton of new flavors in their WOW Vapor E-Liquid line of juices for electronic cigarettes. The first 10 flavors came out on August 15. They include tobacco blends, fruit blends, a clove-flavored vape and even a beverage-flavored e-juice. Many flavors that Vapor4Life carries come in both Premium Juice as well as WOW Juice.  WOW Vapor Juice differs from Premium Nobacco Juice in that it has a stronger taste and produces more vapor. Some of the new WOW juices are available in the Premium version. Like the Nobacco Juice USA line, all the new WOW flavors are only available in e-liquid form at this time. Click on the flavor name to go directly to the website page where you can read customers' reviews and buy the product. Outlaw Blend  A strong tobacco taste reminiscent of an unfiltered cigarette. Flue Cured Tobacco  Tangy sweetness without much bite provides an amazing blend for pipe tobacco lovers. Peach Breeze  Equal parts peach and menthol, this vape is perfect for peach lovers, and those who enjoy fruit flavored e-cigs. CinnaBlaze  An explosive burst of cinnamon flavor that comes packed with an atomic punch! Doc Popular  Your favorite soda that combines 23 flavors into one perfect e-liquid taste! Watermelon A  very sweet, refreshing taste that will remind you of that juicy slice of watermelon that you had at your last family picnic. No seeds, no mess, just sweet watermelon flavor. Blueberry  Like  a handful of freshly picked blueberries in an e-liquid so that you can vape your favorite berry. Banana Cinnamon    Loving sweetness from the banana is complimented with the kick from cinnamon. Peach Tobacco  A lot of peach with a touch of tobacco make this e-juice a great all-day vape. Black Clove  The unique bold flavor of cloves blends well with subtle tobacco undertones. Check back soon for descriptions and links to more of our new flavors!