essential-summertime-eliquid There’s nothing quite like kicking off your shoes, digging your feet in the sand and taking a vape of a fabulously fruity and super sweet e-liquid to really get in the spirit of the most miraculous time of year: summer. Of all the yummy vape flavors out there, there are some essential summertime e-liquids that really hit the spot Just like alcohol, e-juice has certain flavors that are seasonal. They’re available year-round, but they seem to surge in the summertime. Summer is flying by, so snag these summertime e-liquids before your next trip to the beach."
Napoleon’s Fave by Ultimo Vapor E-Juice summertime-eliquids-ultimo-vapor-napoleons-fave You know what really hits the spot on a hot summer day? A waffle cone topped with a triple scoop of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream. The kind you rush to eat every bit of before it melts. Napoleon’s Fave E-Juice is the perfect replica without any of the calories. A high-VG juice that kicks up full and yummy-smelling clouds, Napoleon’s fave is the perfect all-day vape to take to the beach or a backyard barbecue. The creamy taste of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice creams create a dreamy dessert experience that’s a favorite with our customers. Chill out with Napoleon’s Fave e-juice, one of the essential summertime e-liquids on the market. Hawaiian Pog by Naked 100 E-Juice summertime-eliquids-naked-100-hawaiian-pog If there’s any place that exudes the essence of summer year-round, it’s Hawaii’s sun-soaked islands. Hawaiian Pog E-Liquid by Naked 100 bottles up all that oceanside basking into a vape flavor that really hits every mark. Pure passion fruit lends an exotic essence that’s bolstered by a burst of freshly picked orange and citrus flavors. As you exhale Hawaiian Pog E-Juice, a tart bite of tropical guava tops everything off. No need to book a flight. Indulge in this high-VG juice in your own backyard before the summer is over. Redstone E-Liquid by Mod Fuel summertime-eliquids-mod-fuel-redstone It’s hard to keep your hands off the freshly sliced watermelon when you’re at a cookout during the summer. Few things have such a refreshing, light and flavorful burst as biting off a hunk of fresh watermelon and letting the juices run down your chin. Redstone E-Juice by Mod Fuel delivers the deliciously juicy flavor of watermelon...without any seeds to spit out. Redstone is easily one of the best accompaniments for a day spent sitting in the sunshine or visiting a county fair. It’s our top pick for essential summertime e-liquids. Buy a bottle of Redstone E-Liquid today and try to prove me wrong. Do you have any of your own essential summertime e-liquids? Let us know in the comments. Shop e-liquids, vape mods and more at Vapor4Life and like us on Facebook for weekly giveaways.