E-Juice Flavor of the Week: Almond Coconut Our Almond Coconut e juice kind of flew under the radar for me until one of our customers suggesting mixing it with pineapple e juice to create the perfect pina colada e liquid. Another customer recently raved about how much she digs our Almond Coconut. Now that summer’s almost here and I’m jonesing for more tropical vape flavors, I figured it’d be a good time to fill my Smileomizer with some Almond Coconut.   Before I conducted my taste test, I bought a box of almond coconut granola bars from the grocery store. I’ve always liked almond and coconut independently of each other, so I figured I’d see what the fuss is all about. I devoured almost the entirety of the box of almond coconut bars on my drive home. After this dramatic feat of overindulgence I thought, “If our e juice tastes anything like these granola bars, I’m in trouble.” I’m in trouble. I loaded up my Smileomizer with almond coconut e juice, fired up my trusty Vapor Zeus vapor cigarette, and fell in love. It’s hard to find an e liquid that tastes better than the actual food it mimics, but this one did just that for me. The inhale is a pleasant balance of nutty almonds and shredded coconut, and the exhale leaves you with a lingering coconut aftertaste that’s softened by hints of milky almond. Lovers of dessert e juices will enjoy mixing this one with chocolate e liquid to recreate a favorite candy bar, and tropical juice lovers will be ordering up an e liquid pina colada.