banana-dessert-blog   I have Type 1 diabetes, so I don’t really eat banana splits, banana cream pies, or anything delicious for that matter. I vape them instead. Since I switched to vaping 7 months ago, I feel a ton better. I may not get cravings for cigarettes anymore, but I certainly get cravings for sweets. Thankfully, there are gobs of dessert e juices out there that really hit the spot. I’ve been a bit timid about dessert e liquids because they can be hard to pull off just right. That’s the reason I had shied away from our banana dessert e juice. That, and the fact that I’m one of those people who like bananas, but not banana-flavored candies or anything artificially banana. I picked banana dessert e juice as the flavor of the week because it doesn’t taste like a faux-nana to me.  It takes like a real banana picked from a tree that also sprouts whipped cream and graham cracker. By the bushelful. This juice takes the cake— an actual banana layer cake— and puts it to shame. Banana enthusiasts will be glad to know that there’s a subtle, but distinct banana e juice flavoring on the inhale. It tastes like an honest-to-goodness banana, underscored by clouds of fluffy whipped cream. There’s the slightest taste of graham cracker. The exhale intensifies this e juice’s banana level and leaves you with the pleasant aftertaste of whipped topping and the aroma of sweet bananas. I typed this whole blog with one hand because I couldn’t stop vaping it. If this post leaves you with visions of bananas dancing in your head, try our bananas foster e juice for a touch of rum while you're at it!