The Flavor of the Week I’ve been vaping makes it pretty obvious how badly I want it to be summertime. Berry Berry Good to Me is part of our Ultimo Vapor E Juice line and this fruit e liquid is chockfull of berries. For me, it can be pretty hard to balance out berries when you’ve got a raspberry in the mix. Raspberry e juice always stands out to me compared to other berry-type flavors. This wasn’t the case with Berry Berry Good to Me. Yes, there’s a distinct raspberry bite, but it’s softened by smooth strawberry and pleasantly tart blueberry.   This e juice tastes like a basket of berries at a picnic. Our blueberry e juice is one of our top-selling flavors, and you’ll get a strong blueberry and raspberry aftertaste. Berry Berry Good to Me also leaves a lingering scent that will make your roommates jealous of what you’re vaping. Mix it with Custard’s Last Stand e juice, and use it with a new vape mod to taste like you’re biting into a slice of berry-filled pie that lasts for hours.   I give this e juice two thumbs up, but my thumbs were covered in imaginary berry pie filling, so it was even more triumphant.