chicago-classic-smoke-blog   When I first switched to vaping from smoking, I mostly stuck with tobacco flavors. I needed something that tasted like a cigarette, and if you’ve tried our tobacco e juice, you know it really really tastes like a cigarette, but without all the yucky tasting stuff they put in a cigarette. The longer I vaped and the less I smoked, the more I got my sense of taste back. Then, started to buy fruit e juices and dessert e juices, and my taste for tobacco flavors disappeared like a vape cloud whisked away by the wind.    Until I tried Chicago Classic Smoke from our Ultimo Vapor E Juice line.   I’ve mentioned before that I get a little picky when it comes to e juice. Now, keep in mind that I hadn’t vaped a tobacco e juice in a while, so the deck was stacked against this one. I’m ready to present my honest review of Chicago Classic Smoke.     I didn’t want to put it down.   It doesn’t have an overwhelming tobacco taste. It’s a pure tobacco flavor. Since it’s not a cigarette, you don’t get any of the weird burnt ash taste you get with a cigarette. It actually tasted kind of fresh and nutty. I kept vaping it to make sure it wasn’t just a fluke. It wasn’t. Then, I just kept vaping it.    I realized the nutty taste was actually how tobacco is supposed to taste when it doesn’t have all that other junk big tobacco throws in there. Chicago Classic Smoke tastes just like a cigarette...if a cigarette tasted like real tobacco.   There’s a very, very subtle chocolate taste a hint of mint e liquid that was so subtle I only felt it on the exhale.   If you’re a smoker, or a vaper who loves tobacco flavors or wants to give tobacco e juice another go, I highly recommend Chicago Classic Smoke e juice. It's great for a break from fruit, dessert or coffee e juices.    I would have given it two thumbs up, but my hands were too busy vapin’