snow-ball-blog-image   Brrrrrr….   Oh, hey, how’s it going. I’m just here sampling Vapor4Life’s Snow Ball Ultimo Vapor E-Juice.  This 60/40 high-VG peppermint e juice makes you tingle from your tastebuds right down to your fingertips. Talk about an eye-opener. I smoked menthol cigarettes before I started vaping, and my motto was always “The mentholier, the better.” You get a powerful blast of minty flavor on the inhale, and a cool cloud of menthol on the exhale. I highly recommend this, or any of our menthol e-juice flavors, if you’re a smoker who loves menthol cigs.   If you’re a vaper, Snow Ball is great in vape mods like the Aspire Pegasus, the Joyetech Cuboid and the Kanger Cupti, which allows you to create big giant clouds. You’ll also get a different type of hit if you’re vaping any flavor of Ultimo Vapor E-Juice or other high-VG juice in a mod. Lots of our long-time customers prefer our Smileomizers, and this juice vapes well in a Smileomizer too, giving you a slightly more intense throat hit.   Mix Snowball Ultimo Vapor E-Juice with a fruit e juice to get a chill of fruity menthol, or add it to Chicago Classic Smoke to ramp up the minty flavor. It’s cool, it’s cold, it’s chilling. When you vape this e juice, it feels like you’re making out with a snowman. In a good way.