flavor-of-the-week You know how restaurants have seasonal menus? I like to do that with vape flavors. In the winter, I vaped heavily on our Cinnablaze e juice and Winter Breeze E-Liquid. These are two of my go-to juices and I could vape ‘em year round with my Vapor Zeus e-cigarette, but once the weather started to warm up (and the sun stayed out for more than 15 minutes a day) I started to get a hankering for more summery e juices. I’ve sampled nearly every fruit e juice we have, but I had yet to try our strawberry e juice. UNTIL NOW.   I picked strawberry e juice as our flavor of the week because to me it tastes like an honest to goodness perfectly ripe strawberry. I’d been getting strawberries from the grocery store all week, and real-life strawberries can be hit or miss. V4L’s strawberry e juice conjures all the sensations of plucking a just-ripe strawberry and biting into it as the sun hits your face. As you inhale, you can savor the sweet strawberry vapor swirling around your tongue. Exhale slowly and you’ll smell a subtle fruit fragrance. There’s nothing artificial-tasting about this e juice. Just pure, unadulterated strawberry goodness!  If you want to switch it up a little, mix this juice with our vanilla custard e juice to create your own little strawberry shortcake.