e liquid tank Plenty of people who vape love to experiment with different e liquid flavors for their vaporizers and electronic cigarettes. Not all users get exactly how complex this liquid truly is, but knowing more about it can help them better understand how these devices work. Here are the basics on e liquids for new and experienced vapers alike:
    • What is e liquid? E liquid is a solution that typically contains propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin, flavorings, and nicotine; the latter is optional or can have varying amounts depending upon user preference. E liquid today comes in hundreds of vaping flavors, from fruit and candy to chocolate and coffee -- and more -- so users aren't limited to tobacco and menthol flavors only.
    • Where is the e liquid stored? E liquid tanks are used in some models of vapor cigarettes to hold the e liquid. Most e liquid tanks are set up so that the liquid surrounds a cartomizer, which is responsible for heating that liquid up. Cartomizers get their name from a combination of the word "cartridge" and "atomizer," referring to the vapor cartridges of the past that held e liquid and were separate from the atomizers.
  • How does the e liquid turn into vapor? Disposable and rechargeable electronic cigarettes alike use a battery to power the e cig -- specifically, the cartomizer. When the liquid heats up in the e liquid tank, the proplyene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin base carries the flavors and turns into vapor, which exits the e cig through a pass through at the end.The strength of the vapor can often depend on how the mixture is made. Propylene glycol is a thinner liquid and is odorless, so it doesn't change the flavor of the e liquid; in general, this base produces cigarette smoke-like vapor clouds and can carry flavor well. Vegetable glycerin, however, is sweeter, so it may mask the taste of an e liquid's flavor. Although vegetable glycerin-based e liquid produces a much larger vapor cloud than propylene glycol does, it may not give users the "throat hit" that they want.
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